Thursday, April 15, 2010


Hello everyone...................................Well,I just spent another ten days in the hospital.When they were running test to see if anything new had popped up they found what they are calling a "pocket'.
So my dr said he cannot go in and get it.So--------------------------he would put me in the hospital and run antibiotics thru me to see if hopefully it was an infection and he could get rid of it that way.
He said he had no idea how long it would take.i'm thinking 3 days.Wrong.10 days...........................Man was it boring,but worth it.i feel like I did before I ever got sick.I am up doing everything except vsccuuming.Who wants to do that anyway.haha
God has sent me some wonderul drs.i am so happy.This dr is great.He argues until he gets what he wants for his patients.
If i keep going this way,I will be on this planet for quite some time.Who would've thunk it a few months ago?????????????????????????????????????????????


marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Oh what great news that you are feeling so good. I would hate to be in the hospital, but what a blessing this took care of things. Try not to overdo. God Bless. Hugs, Marty

Angela said...

Hey Ann!

I'm glad that you have the best doctors around! I hate it you were in the hospital that long but I'm glad that you are feeling better!


Shelia said...

Hi Dear Ann! Oh, I'm so glad to see you've posted! I was so hoping to hear from you. I'm glad you feel so much better and yes, we need you on this planet. Just take care of yourself and don't ever vacuum again! :)
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Kim said...

I agree, so glad to hear from you. And that is great news Ann! Praise God!

southerninspiration said...

Oh WONDERFUL news, Ann!


Glenda/MidSouth said...

Great to see you post and hear you are doing much better! Glad you have some very agressive doctors. DO NOT VACUUM!!! :-D

Mary Ellen said...

Thank you ANN for sharing your wonderful news with us! I have been thinking and praying for you-

I am sure the beautiful Spring weather is such a help to the body too- I feel so much better when the sun is shining and things are blooming- just makes me smile with each new blossom and bloom!

bee blessed

mbkatc230 said...

Sweetie, it's so good to hear from you. Sorry that you were so ill, but it sounds like you've got some great Drs who have you on the mend. Hope you are able to enjoy the gorgeous weather we've been having. The bluebonnets are amazing this year thanks to all the rain, just the thing to brighten your day! Hugs, Kathy

Really Rainey said...

Hi Ann! Its so great that you are able to pop in and let us know how you are doing... I'm so happy to hear you are feeling well again... Hang in there and enjoy life! And email me if you need anything!

Heidi Pocketbook said...

I was so happy to see your post! I'm sorry you had such a boring hospital stay, yet thankful that you are feeling so much better!!

xinex said...

I am glad you are back out again, Ann. Hopefully you will just keep getting stronger and never have to go back....Christine

Mimi said...

Ann, hope all is going well now that you are out of the hospital.
Hugs to you,

kymber said...

Hi Ann,
Glad to hear that you are home and feeling better. We love you!

Barbara said...

Ann, I am so late getting her, but so happy to hear the good news.. I have been helping my dearest friend who just finish her treatments for throat cancer and is not waiting the results of the final biopsy...Her husband died in Oct and she was already suffering, but did not know it was cancer. It has been hard for her as it has for you, but God is so good. I am praying for your continued good health.


Cottage Panache said...

Oh, I am so behind in blogging! Sorry to hear that you haven't been well. Glad to hear that you are getting better. I will pray that the antibiotics work for you! XXOO That's my fingers crossed and hugs to you!

Tardevil said...

So happy things are going well for you, Ann!

Miss Janice said...

Stopped by for a visit and read that you are feeling better. That's wonderful news! Hope things get even better for you:)

~Deborah~ said...

Ann ~ thank you for coming by. I hope you are continuing to feel better. It looks like you haven't blogged in awhile - hope all is okay and that you are relaxing.


Melissa Miller said...

Ann I have wondered how you are doing? It was so nice to read a sweet comment from you recently and know that you are responding so well to the treatments. I know it is hard for you to blog these days. We all understand.

Give Roo a big ole' hug from me!
~Melissa :)

Mary Ellen said...

Ann Friend- I have so wondered how you have been doing. I have prayed for you as you have come to mind and do hope all is going well. I miss you!

It has been such a busy summer for us- blogging has not been on the top of the list! I do miss all my blog buddies though!

bee blessed

Tardevil said...

I've checked over here several times and do hope you are ok. Will keep an eye out for new posts from you. Do take care and let us know how you're doing. XO

Anonymous said...

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Deanna said...

I hope you are doing well..stopping by to see how you are doing.


Mary Ellen said...

Oh sweet Ann it has been a crazy summer and Fall doesn't seem to be slowing down much either. I think of you often and always say a prayer. Hope you are doing well these days and that you are continuing to gain strength and rest in the Lord

bee blessed

xinex said...

HI An, thanks for coming by. I sure pray to God that you get stronger and stop suffering...Christine

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Happy To Be/ Gl♥ria said...

Christmas Blessings to you and your family, From my mountain to yours Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

Tapping World Summit said...

We hope that everything would turn out well.

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