Friday, December 18, 2009


thank you

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Hello.Ihave a quick very important,to
me,announcement to make today.I am
finished with my chemo.My white cells were
low,so he stopped me 2 days early.But I got
5 regular doses.He says thats about normal.
I thought until at the last he was taking baby
'steps with me.But he wasn't, full doses.So thats
why we finished early.
And today at 1:30 i will be taking my last
radiation treament.yea.........
Next,my doctors want me to just rest for a month.
Then we'll take a p.e.t.scan and see what happens.
Of course it will all be gone.Jesus took it out quite
a while ago.
I hope everyone is getting ready for a warm and
wonderful Christmas.I have learned a huge lesson
from this or should i say "re-learned'.I was in a near -fatal
car accident about two months after moving to Dallas 25 yrs ago..
I had head injuries(yes,see you were knew
there was something wrong up there.)and a crushed ankle.
My health insurance had expired I think just days before that
so i had to pay cash for my Dr and hospital.The young girl that hit me
didn't even have insurance.So Christmas shrunk a little
that year.Iwas telling my kids I was sorry.My son said.
"mom this is the best Christmas of all'.'i said.why?he said.
"because you are here with us".
That brought a tear to my eye really quick.I have always
been so blessed.
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