Friday, October 30, 2009


Happy Pink Saturday to all.Of course we all

know our sweet and charming Ms Beverly is

our fine hostess of this event.Please stop by and

see what everyone has for us today.It will be

very interesting,especially this close to Halloween,

hummm?Here's the way to Ms Beverly.

I have only one picture to share today,but she is special.

I bought her recently at a garage won't

tell any of the drs.okay?

We have to go to treatment 5 days a week.Sooooooooooooo

on some of those days I feel really good,some days not too good.

But when I feel good we stop and shop and look.I have been

shopping and thrifting more recently than in the last 2 yrs.

No I don't ovedo it.We stop here or there for a few minutes

and I ride a scooter car.

But back to this lady,isn't she lovely.Doesn't she remind you of Vanna?

She does me.I have found several jewells,but this is the only pink

for today.I will try to keep up and join in one of the other days so I

can "legally" show you my other "toys".

Thank you all for your concern,now to go see everybody else.Lets'


Saturday, October 17, 2009

A very happy Pink Saturday

First a little note to my sweet Ms Beverly.

She not only let me slide by for months,

she also e-mail constantly checking on me.

And with her with a very sick mother.

Bless you Ms Beverly.

Hello everyone.

I am so tickled to be back.

More so,I am so happy to feel like being here.

I have tried to keep up with even a few of you.

But when you don't feel well,even reading is a


I don't know if I will be able to post every

one of the ones I used to post.But everyone

has been so patient and so loving I am going to

try to at least keep up with more of you all.

As we all know this is cancer aware time.

So today I celebrate the lucky ones and the

ones with more grit than John Wayne.

You know some smart person said ,"growing

old is not for sissies?Well,I am only entering

cancers gates and it's not for sissies either.I

toast my glass to you all.All you survivors.

I had no idea what it was all about.You all

deserve some kind of GRAND AWARD.My

hats off to each and everyone of


Now lets all go check out Ms Beverly's long

list of beautiful pinks.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Another Miracle

Well you all can guess by the title,
my Jesus helped me one more time.
First,thank you for all the love,the prayers,and all those
We went Mon to get the mri.I was a mess,I was
so nervous.As we were leaving the tech said it will take
2 days to get the results.Even with medication
I had a time sleeping.
My pastors wife told me yrs ago,"if you ever have
trouble sleeping,just pray."'the ole devil will have you asleep fast."
Yesterday morning as soon as the dr opened we were on the phone.
My daughter called,since I haven't been able to talk on my own behalf
she is used to it.Yes,the results were in.
You can imagine,i could not--------wait another
minute.I called the dr back and asked to talk to him,PLEASE..........
I promised i would still come,but please,i'have to know.
He said," you have a beautiful brain,your sinuses
are horrible but your brain is great.Oh
thank you,Jesus,thank you.
Now we start radiation.And he wasn't trying to say mine is nothing to worry about
but in the cancer realm,mine is easier to fix.Thank you again Jesus.So,lets,all get back to living,huh????????What cha say?yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Monday, October 12, 2009

An Add On

Well today is the day I have long
dreaded.At 2:45 today I get MY
MRI to see if the cancer has gone
to my brain.I really don't feel like
it has.Come on now,I'm too smart,
Then tomorrow the worse day of all,
the verdict.Both my girls,my son and
my hubby are going,I wish I could
just stay here.
What I really wish is,he would call me
with the results,Then we could make an appt.
and talk about the options.
There again.if you don't want to hear the worse,stop
reading now.The way it has been explained to me.
If there is cancer i will be a 4 carcinoma,inoperable.
Either way,it will be Gods will and i am truly
comfortable with that.God Bless you all for caring.
I dearly love you all.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Can we talk?

Ladies,I do hope you don't think this is gross
of me.But.....I have a zillion questions roaming
around in my mind.I have read some on the
internet.My Dr.gave me a book,but I want a
person to talk to.
I remember not to long ago going to visit a
friend in the hospital.The hospital was under
construction.A nurse was kindly showing me
how to find my friend.We passed a sign that said
oncology.I had no idea what it meant.I asked her.
Was I living in a fairy land or what?I still wish so
bad I didn't know what that word meant.
I know alot of you have had cancer.Would you
mind sharing with me?If you are uncomfortable
telling the world,here is my e-mail.
I will appreciate this so much.................ANN

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Hi all.Just a quick note to let
you all know I am out of the hospital
one more time,This time I can talk.
My voice is raspy,but the dr.says
in a wk or 2 it will be fine.
This is a pic of Bryson my grandson.
Isn't this just so real looking?
Bryson say,BOO!
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