Thursday, September 17, 2009


HELLO all.I am finally starting to feel better.I
never dreamt this would be this rough,but i
am getting better.
Thank you all for all the sweet prayers,cards,notes
and love.Jesus once again has answered our prayers.
Thank you all for that.And thank you Jesus.
I was just talking to a friend and she didn't realize
they had put a plate in my chest.if you are quizzy,skip
this paragraph.I will tell you what they did.
He sawed my chest open,spread it and removed 25%
of one lung and 45%of the left.The left had the cancer .
He also removed several lymph nodes.about 5 is best
i can guess.Scrapped out parts of the emphysema.And
black parts of my lungs.Then clamped me shut with a
titainium clamp.
And of course closed me.
Part of the cancer was sitting on my aorta so they
will have to get it with radiation.We will start soon.
Also sometime in the operation my vocal chord was
clipped,so i cannot talk.
What a misery.ha.A woman that cannot talk.ugh---
I have an appointment with an ear,nose and throat
dr tomorrow to start to try to fix that.They could've
fixed it in the hospital,but i was just too tired.I wanted to
rest first.It will just take a couple of snips to fix it.
Next we go to an onocologist for radiology and possible chemo.
Oh I don't want chemo.I have been so nauseated with this.Oh
please-------------------------.But whatever happens.i'm sure
we will all deal with it.
Iknow I will have 6 wks of daily radiology .Then rest.
And soon they will do an mri to see if the cancer made
it to my brain.If it did,they will make a new plan.
I have been looking around a little in blogville.
It seems so many are sick.May God be with them
all and their families.And God bless you....Anniepoo