Saturday, November 14, 2009

Good morning all.I have some wonderful

news on this bright and sunny day.We

have been looking for me a new pulmonary

dr. now for months.but I wanted someone

I knew and trusted to know them and trust

them.No more like I had before I went to Houston.

Well it took months,but we have him.He

could play Santa,sh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!He's a big

man with a bit of a tummy.And a beard.

Very blunt,so much he apologizes for it.I

would rather that than to be mealy -mouthed.

He had nothing but awesome things to say

about my drs in Houston and what an awesome

job they did.And this Dr.has started doing lung

volume reductions also.They have brought it back

here.So he knows exactly what is going on with my

lungs. But he also said,'i wouldn't have touched you."

"You were in just

too much of a mess".But thank God they did.

He said I can of course see,you were just doing

whatever you could just to live.

I had had a runny nose forever and been to

an ear nose and throat dr.(because of my vocal

chord being replaced).And--------------my tongue

burned.I thought here again,it was the chemo.

He gave me a script for the nose,first spray,

no more runny nose.and I had thrush mouth from

the inhalers I use.I am on the 4 th pill now and the

blisters in my mouth are nearly GONE...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He has made quite the impression on us.He also guessed

for me to have 5 to 7 yrs.Of course no one knows but God.This is

an estimated guess.But it felt good to think I may live this long.'

Who knows,in five to seven yrs.they may have another procedure.

I figured maybe a year after all I'd been through.5 to 7.I'll take


I also have a cute little story to tell you.Most people,especially

Ms Melissa of Melissa's' heart and home know I have a pet rooster.

This rooster lives in the house.

When he was little we were trying to train the dog.Roo paper

trained.The dog,still not.

He is fascinated with shoes.1.He hates them because I got him

In April

and in the house 1. am always barefoot.He knows when you put

on shoes you are going to leave him.Never the less he doesn't

like shoes.But he still likes to play with them to try to tear them up.

My hubby works for the city of Garland and wears big,ole steel

toed boots.Roo of course was playing with them one day.I would

give a hefty penny to have a picture of this.But alas by the time I

got the camera,the "show"was over.

He actually had BOTH feet in the correct shoes.Can you imagine?

These big ole Strong study boots and this scrawny little rooster trying

to lift them.I was just surprised he got the right feet in each.Of course

he couldn't lift them.

He weighs 13 lbs which is big.But not as heavy as those shoes/ha.

I have given up on trying to keep my blog going.I just don't have the time.

I have radiation everyday,chemo once a week.And during the week I have

other drs and dr chores to do.Right now we're trying to get my glasses

and my "free"cranial prosthesis"(wig).

It was suppose to be that simple on both.Get my eyes surgery then j"just run by any optical and pick -up my "free glasses'.Same with the wig.My dr gave me a prescription and I can just "run by any wig salon and pick one out.WRONG.................But after two days on the phone......and i am NOT exaggerating,my daughter found someone to take BOTH...........
But I will jump in every once in awhile like I am doing now and give my precious friends an update.And perhaps as update on Roo if you'd like.Meanwhile I will just visit you all and see what wonderful and creative things you have come up with.You ladies amaze me with all your talents.
love you all.....Anniepoo

Thursday, November 5, 2009


I must tell everyone what is happening .It is

so wonderful.Yesterday I cleaned out my

fridge.By this I mean taking everything out

and taking all the parts to the sink and washing

them .

Can you believe this?I didn't keep track,I wish

I had but about4 weeks after surgery I started

cleaning.ha,if you can call it that.Most of you know,

my daughter moved in and her and my husband

literally took care of me totally.There was so little I

could do for myself.If it had stayed that way much

longer,I would've gone to a nursing home.It was

almost too much.

But back to my story.I started by making up my bed,

Easy, Right?We have a simple comforter and sheets.I

would have to sit and rest and catch my breath literally

5-6 times.I never timed me,but it took a while.

Now lets update this sad

I have been taking of course chemo and radiation.The

first week I got flu-like symptoms from what the dr

thought was the chemo and it would happen every week.

Wrong,this week I feel GREAT,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.

I have become anemic from the chemo,Tuesday they gave

me a super-duper iron and vitamin shot.WOW.I felt so good

I wish I could have them everyday.

And along with cleaning my fridge,I am about 99 % in charge

of my house cleaning.My dh has to do the vacuuming.I

may never get to vacuum again,aw----------------.tee hee.

I have 3.5 weeks to go.It s tiring to go to Dallas everyday and

fight the traffic.But these people are so and kind,they all but make it

fun for you.

For instance on Halloween they had a spread for us.Cookies,

chips,dips,you name it.All of it was delicious.As my dr.passed by I

thanked him for the little party."he said.we'll do anything to get yall to eat."


And another blessing?I.of course i am on oxygen.My "lease "is 50 ft.long.

I can just barely stretch from one corner of my house to the other.I am

constantly getting tangled and stuck.So like every thankful just to be

able to breathe person would do.I YANK my cord.Sometimes pulling it

away from the machine
.End result,I am on ZERO oxygen.I am on 4,we are going to try to get me down

asap.sometimes I run out of air before i know it.Sometimes I realize it and am still breathing almost normal.

What happened to that lady that was suppose to be dead i.5 yrs ago?

What happened to that lady that woudln't make it through the surgery

and set records there?What happened to the same person the drs said

the copd and emphysema would get me before the cancer?

My baby girl used to tell her brother and sister with her little fists on

her hips,"you ain't the boss of me."Well I know who the boss of me is,and he

isn't quite ready for me,YET...............................Love you all.Anniepoo