Monday, August 31, 2009

Hello,As you have heard,I am home.And oh there is no place like home.Thank you all so very much for the love,the cards,the flowers,the cds.the fruit basketsand all those precious prayers.
As you have heard my family treated me like royalty.The dr's and staff were just like family.We had a nice time with them after surgery,they are totally the every family wants kinda medical team.If you have any family member needing help from anything,i totally recommend these people.And of course the BIGGY.
GOD.......came through again with an awesome double miracle.
As most of you know,i had copd.And probable cancer in the lungs.We had no clue my lungs werein this shape until going down there.Can God "allow"you to have cancer in order to give you life?I guess it's possible.......!!!!!!!
Either way,they would'nt have operated if they havden't found the cancer.My lungs were too far gone.But with the cancer I guess they had to.Yipeeeeeeee'When they got in ,they found cancer on both lungs and my ariorta.So now I will get Cemo and some other stuff.It's much better than my other choice.tee hee.
And we think during the ventilator use the scratched my vocal chords because i can only talk at a whisper.They could've gone back in to do more---------surgery,but i wanted to go home and rest first.So glad I did.I am really beat.i have been in the bed 3 days now and f ixing to go right back.ha
I have so much to tell you all.It was an eperience like no other.
I truly love you all....Anniepoo


Denise said...

I love you, and I am so glad you are home, you little miracle.

~CC Catherine said...

So glad you are home Annipoo! :) You have really been put through a test with this cancer... But it sounds like the LORD is putting the cancer itself through HIS own test..... It sounds like you have a great and renewed spirit with the outcome...I've had your name on my office wall and have been praying for you. Will continue to do so...praying that each day you get more energy and are restored physically 100%, God is still in the business of making miracles come true! BLESSINGS ANN.... ~CC Catherine

Mary Ellen (megardengal) said...

ANN It is so good to hear from you- I know how exhausted you must be and am praying for strength and much rest during this time. For some reason I didn't catch your other posts back the end of August- my follower thing is not working as it should I think- well enough of that- SO GLAD YOU are home and in your safe little nest!!