Monday, August 31, 2009

There's more.....

After I posted about my surgery my daughter sat down and talked to me.I knew something was missing.They say the dr .told me but I have forgotten.
Back 4 yrs ago when i took my cat scan to my ex-dr.i was at stage 4 cancer.which is tiny,they remove it,done,Now it is at stage 3 or 4.After another week of rest ,then i will get another cat scan.If the cancer has gone to the brian,i will be begging for more prayers.I know,I never shut-up.................if it is at stage 3 ,they will just watch it.

Here we go again.


oh my,i knew i was tired.i didn't even tell you what happened.They took the ugly old cancer out(most of it).scraped my lungs and cut out 25%of one and 45%of the other.So instead of getting the 20%each I was hoping for,I got 25%in onw ,cancer removed and 45%of the other.God in all his love gave me a brand new start.And I want it.
I also broke all kinds of records coming off the venitlator,out of the mmc and cci units.The 2nd dr in command,i beleve he was the cancer dr bet my daughter,deb,his complete salary i would not come out off the ventilator in one day.You guessed it,I did.I didn't realize any of this,God was driving my vehicle at this point.
Hello,As you have heard,I am home.And oh there is no place like home.Thank you all so very much for the love,the cards,the flowers,the cds.the fruit basketsand all those precious prayers.
As you have heard my family treated me like royalty.The dr's and staff were just like family.We had a nice time with them after surgery,they are totally the every family wants kinda medical team.If you have any family member needing help from anything,i totally recommend these people.And of course the BIGGY.
GOD.......came through again with an awesome double miracle.
As most of you know,i had copd.And probable cancer in the lungs.We had no clue my lungs werein this shape until going down there.Can God "allow"you to have cancer in order to give you life?I guess it's possible.......!!!!!!!
Either way,they would'nt have operated if they havden't found the cancer.My lungs were too far gone.But with the cancer I guess they had to.Yipeeeeeeee'When they got in ,they found cancer on both lungs and my ariorta.So now I will get Cemo and some other stuff.It's much better than my other choice.tee hee.
And we think during the ventilator use the scratched my vocal chords because i can only talk at a whisper.They could've gone back in to do more---------surgery,but i wanted to go home and rest first.So glad I did.I am really beat.i have been in the bed 3 days now and f ixing to go right back.ha
I have so much to tell you all.It was an eperience like no other.
I truly love you all....Anniepoo

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Ann is Home!

Hi everyone. I know we have all been worried about Ann. I just wanted to let everyone know that she is home from the hospital. I'm sure that Ann or her daughter will be updating us as soon as they are able. :-)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Quick Update

I just spoke with Ann and her daughter Debbie. Ann is homesick and ready to go home and recuperate from there!! They still have a couple more tests to run before they can let her go. It will all be up to the doctor of course, but there is a possibility that she will get to go home in a day or two. She said, "Tell everyone I love and miss them!" :-)
I will keep you posted~

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Weekend Update

Hi everyone. Ann is continuing her recuperation in Houston. She is able to sit up and is eating food on her own (although her daughter Pam says, "She eats like a bird, but always has." :-)). She is still in a lot of pain, but with such invasive surgery, that is certainly not surprising. The pain medication is helping but also making her nauseous, so I'm praying for some relief for her soon.
I spoke to her just briefly on the phone. She was barely audible, as she had just had a breathing treatment which makes her throat sore. (And she already has such a soft, sweet, Southern Belle voice! :-)) But I was able to tell her how much we all loved her and that SO many of you have been continually checking in and praying for her!

Debbie has gone home to check on Roo and all her other beloved birds. I know that'll make her feel better!

Both Debbie and Pam are just the sweetest, most loving daughters! It is of great comfort to know that Ann is surrounded by such a beautiful and caring family!!

Pam told me that they are HOPING that Ann will get to come home Thursday. I think I can speak for all of us when I say it will be so GREAT to see her back home! :-)

Love to all of you,

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Another Update on Ann

I just spoke with Debbie and Ann has shocked the medical staff in Houston! :-) She came out of ICU today around 2:00 PM. She was expected to be on a ventilator for several days and is now off of it. She had several breathing treatments today and is on oxygen...but is doing AMAZINGLY well! She is in some obvious pain, but the pain medication is of course easing it and helping her sleep. Ann is giving all the credit of her recovery to the Lord...her faith is beautiful, and I know her family is so thankful and relieved right now!
I told her to let Ann know how many of you are thinking and praying for her! I do believe all our love and prayers are speeding up her recovery!! :-)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Update on Ann

Hello everyone. I'm Laura (aka Tomarie) and was asked by Ann and her daughter Debbie to let all of her friends know about her surgery until Debbie can get back home. Ann has made it through surgery! The doctor was able to remove 20% of her lungs, and got most of the cancer. She will need to have chemo/radiation for the cancer they were not able to get when she gets back home. As I get more updates on her condition from Debbie, I will post immediately. The surgery was long, and she has a long road of recovery ahead of her, but for now, I'm just so thankful she has made it through surgery!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Thanks for everything!

I want to thank everyone of you for writing back to me and for being there for my mom, she is very fond of you all and in much need of your prayers at this time. I am so proud of her bravery at this time. But this is one scary time for us all. I know God is with us I feel him everyday in many ways and I know she will be fine! Again thank you for eveything! God Bless you all! I will keep you posted soon!

Friday, August 14, 2009


heading to Houston Monday morning,testing blog- Debbie -Ann's daughter.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

It's about time.

Hello all.Well the time is drawing closer.

I want to thank so many for the love and

e-mails and prayers.This is the hardest thing

I have ever gone through.

The hardest thing about it is watching my children.

They are so afraid.It hurts so much as their mom to

have to watch them.

But God is with us and I have high hopes.I went through

a bit of depression,but once again Jesus pulled me through.

As you all remember,I sat and watched Gods hands move,

as if on t.v.Watching him find a way to lead me to this fine

dr.and hospital.To my knowledge and the internet,their are

only 3 hospitals in the U.S.,possibly the world that do this

operation.And God led me right straight to one of them.

Had I just sat here waiting like I was the "unknown cancer"

would've just eaten me alive.

The strange thing about it?I am "too far"gone for this

operation.Normally,they would not operate,but since the

cancer is there,they MUST go in and get it. Is it possible for

cancer to be a life-saver?We will see.I

believe this time--------------it is.....

Monday afternoon we will go to Houston.I just have to

check in late Monday before 7:00 p.m.for a blood test.

Then report back at 6:30 Tuesday for the surgery.I don't

know yet what time it will begin.All prayers are welcome and


I will be in the hospital 7-10 days,a guesstament from my dr.

I will be in I.C.U.for about 3 days,then to my room as soon as

I come of the ventilator.I am so very thankful to have another


May God bless you and keep you all .And thank you for all

the beautiful friendships you all have given me.I love you all...Ann