Thursday, July 16, 2009


Hello all.As usual,we just returned from Houston.
They did the cath on me.Which meant they
ran a camera up my hip artery to my heart
and made sure there was no blockage.Ladies
I want you to know I have the arteries of a 20
yr.old .ha.I was sent home a copy.They
are beautiful.
Both my sweet girls took me again.If you are
keeping up with my story you'll remember I told
you last time about my baby girl getting up
in the middle of the night.Filling my tanks.
Once I ran out of air,she popped up like a little soldier
and changed it quickly and efficiently while
I am pretty sure she was sound asleep.ha.
This time the baby girl was worn out.She has had
the lovely job of taking care of mom.My first born,Pam
took over.I don't know if she got any sleep at all.
We took my entire machine this time instead of
9 heavy tanks for them to lug around.Pam was
up all night changing tanks.One was empty when we started,we didn't
know that.There is no way to mark them.Next time we will find a way.ha.
I ran out about 1.5 hrs before we got to Houston.But....
as long as I am still,like in bed,I can go without it.Well you
can imagine.Both girls just thought I was trying to keep them from worrying.
They were petrified.I felt so sorry for them.All you moms know,there is nothing harder than your child hurting and you cannot help.And it is so much worse when you are the one causing the pain.
This time we got a different hotel.Upgraded what turned out $3.00.
What a difference.The porter carried it ,all my girls didn't have to.I
am a lot of work.
None of us slept.I have a bladder infection.No,I can't have enough problems.
Pam was watching the air.Deb,slept,but restlessly.I think we were all
anxious and afraid of oversleeping and all kinds of other things we could worry
about needlessly.
Wed morning we returned to the hospital and again we were so
impressed with this hospital.So clean,so nice,everyone goes out of their way to make you comfortable.We spent the entire day.I kept waiting to meet the big cahoona.(Dr.Lobee).
After the cath,I had to stay on my back for 4 hrs.As soon as that was over we were
released.The nurse called and released us.She called immediately back and said to please stay.
My dr was on his way.
He was a long cool drink of water.Very professional,very tall.He was light hearted
and had a lovely bedside manner.
I still had my dark wraparound glasses on at this point.from the cataract surgery from Monday,the day before this surgery.
No one all day asked me why.I thought it strange,but i guess they thought i was stranger.
Dr Lobee asked,"why do you have those glasses on".I said,"I had cataract surgery yesterday,and the light still hurts my eyes."He said with the lightest heart,"Boy,you're stacking those surgeries together aren't you"?I said yep,tomorrow,I'm having a boom job".We all had one big laugh.
Then he got serious and told me he was going to take 20% of each lung.A little more for the one with the cancer beside it.Yes,the mass was cancer.And he is going to take some extra tissue and some lymph nodes too.
This is my Hospital.The real picture of it.My girls have walked I think every part of it.Or at least they felt like they did.It is Houston Methodist Hospital.
After Dr.Lobee left we precede to check out,When i went into the surgery for the cath it was
10:30.The girls left to check us out of the hotel.When they got back the valet
parking was full.So------------they had to park in the north forty.When Pam left to go get the car for us,she left the keys lying on the table.deb didn't know to follow her,which way did she go.?The nurse said you can page her.We did.She must have been in the elevator,she never heard it.We went ahead and went down to the front door afraid of course we would miss her coming back up.
We didn't time it,but we looked and waited and looked and waited.......................Deb almost went and got the it ,but Pam was probably on her way.The only scenario we hadn't thought of.Pam thought she had lost the keys.She,in heels,had re-traced every step they had made that day while I was in surgery.The gift shop,the restaurant,the restrooms.Everywhere.she finally came back to us,She fell in Debbies arms.We thought she was laughing.She was crying.Because she thought she had lost the keys during the day.
Dr Lobee wanted to do the surgery Wed,,yesterday.But we didn't to come home and re-group.That is what we originally wanted.But we have ben down there 4 or 5 times,of course,this time we weren't pre-pared.So the date is set now for.Check in Mon Aug 17th and the surgery Aug 18th.
I will be in the hospital 7 to 10 days.and in icu quite a few of that.But he said with
the cancer,I won't be as well off if I hadn't have had it.But....I will most likely be off the oxygen and be able to have a much better quality of life.No more staying at home 24/7.Even though I am a home body,I do love to shop and go visiting and to the G.sales.You all know.
thank you all for being such great and devoted friends.I love you all and I have felt your prayers.I love you.Ann

Friday, July 10, 2009


Well I finally got some news.I am having
eye surgery for cateracts on my right eye
Monday at 11:30.Leaving for Houston at 3:00
to get my catheter.It will be done at 7:30
Tuesday morning.They are checking
to see if there is any blockage before they
can do surgery.I will only be in the
hospital for 4 hrs.Then if I feel like it,we
will drive back to Dallas.If not,we'll
spend the night.Then we will again wait for
surgery.Thank you all so much for all the
tlc and prayers you have been sending.

Friday, July 3, 2009


Hi everyone.Just a quick update.
My co-ordinator called,Tuesday.
She said she would be
getting back
to me at the end of this week.I believe
that means today.ha
We are definitely on go.My surgeon will be
Dr Lobee.I do hope he is as wonderful
as his staff.I'm sure he is.He picked them.
some of you know I have had cateracts
also for quite a while.I am having
my right eye,the worse one
lasered this next Mon.The left will
be done after I am well.Its been a long
boring story on my cateracts also.I won't
bore you with the details.
I am only guessing.But i am thinking
they will probably want me down there
at the end of next week.I know,we
are all so tired of waiting.
I felt I needed to tell all my friends
I am okay.I am just so tired.My stamina
has gone kapot.haI read my
e-mails and try to catch yp.I read maybe one or
two of your blogs sometimes.I rest and sleep
alot now.My sweet daughter is here.And my family
and friends are standing by me.
As you can imagine.I so want it
to be over.
when I ever get there.ha,if anyone
wants to call and inquire about first name
is Martha, of course, Ann Skelton.Thank you all again.
I miss you all so much.
My hubby and daughter are holding
my place right.They, as we speak are out garage
saling.ha.At my DEMAND.As if I had to demand
very hard.After-all,someone has to do it.Right?
My co-ordinator also said if there are no
complications,i should be released in 4 or 5 days.
wow.I had a partial hystrerectomy 35 yrs ago.
i was in the hospital 9 days.How things have changed,huh?
As soon as i hear anything else,I will yell it from the house tops.
I love you all. kiss kiss....Ann