Saturday, June 20, 2009


Hello to everyone.We of course are back.
All went so very well.This hospital is awesome.
They go out of their way to make you feel safe ,
secure and informed.I had many more tests
encluding the 6 min walk.With Gods help
and the assistant I made it with NO
oxygen----------------.At 3 minutes
I was done in.The assistant told me
a different way to breath and counted down
out loud for me.He was a fabulous
cheerleader.Otherwise,i could've NEVER
have made it.
We were all ao tired.Both my girls
took me this time.They lugged me,the wheel chair,
the tank I was using and 8 other tanks around.
Every eat,drink,or potty break.They
took wonderful care of me and
kept me laughing so hard I was sore.
We had a great time out of an otherwise
scary situation.
I have to go back one more time.This timeI will be
put to sleep.They will put a camera in my hip artery
to see if there is any blockage.After 4 hrs.I can
leave for the night,we think.
The drs.will meet Monday and see all the test
results.If I don"t have an infection and
there is no blockage they will operate the day
after the 4 hr test.
Here is the hard question!Do I pray it's an infection .
It will make it longer to get the surgery!Or do I pray
for cancer so we can get it over?I think I'll just leave that
one alone.ha.Leave it all in Gods hands.
Now I want to share with you all some priceless moments.
There were 2 beds in the motel of course.My oldest daughter slept
in one bed.My baby daughter in the other with me.My
oxygen tank held 5 hrs.Of course I ran out before morning.
When I ran out,I said,Deb.She got up,just like a little robot,
traveled around the bed to my side.
Have you seen soldiers on tv put their guns together
with exact oersision with self assured hands?Thats what
her little hands looked like to me.She finished
changing the tank.Trotted right back to her side of the bed
and slid in like it was an everyday event.
And everytime I would move or grunt one
or the other would softly say,"are you ok?'I felt
so loved and so thankful for my precious girls.
I can see God working like our loves almost
as if I were watching on t.v.I can look back and
see exactly his steps leading me to this dr and to
this hospital.I feel so very safe and loved.Thank
you all for being such a part of this amazing feeling.I love each
and everyone of you...Ann

Friday, June 12, 2009


Hello everyone.We are back.Houston
WILL operate on me.It was a long and
nerve wracking day for all of us.
The tension was so thick you
could cut it with a knife.We
didn't even leave the hospital
after arriving at 12:00 until 5:00.
But he said yes.Their are two of(doctors)
them.I felt instantly comfortable
and safe.They also found a
growth by my lung.Dr Harish
said it is either infection which
of course antibiotics will fix or
cancer.But if it is cancer it is
in it's earliest stages and he
can take it out while he's in
He made us all feel so secure.
He also told me a lot about it
I never knew.Why my lungs
feel so heavy.I have always
called them an elephant on my
chest.Their are air bags waiting
them down.On top of them.
We are going back next Thurs.
and Friday next week for more tests
to see what this growth is.I
am so sorry to be so late in
telling you all.We all were
worn out.Mostly from the
stress and anticipation.I
slept 90 % of the way home as did
my hubby.Our daughter drove.
And I have slept most of the day.ha
My hubby just got home and went
to bed,i just got up,ha.
Our oldest daughter,Pam will
take me and baby daughter
next week so Dad can work
and get a breather.
Dr.Harish wants this out this
month.I am plenty ready.After the
tests results,I will let you all know
when it will be.I totally
recommend Methodist
hospital so far.They were excellent.
Thank you all so very much for
all your love,thoughts,e-mails and prayers.
It feels so wonderful to have
such a force behind me.God bless
each and every one of you....Ann

Monday, June 8, 2009


I thought i would also go ahead and catch
everybody up on what is happening.i'm
really getting nervous,but it is a "good"
nervous,a confident nervous.
We will be leaving here early Thurs morning
about 5:30.It only a 4 hr dr.,but my dh likes
to have plenty of time.
His cousins live there and my great niece,the
one(Jess)I blogged about will be there also.We
are only going for tests.And will come back home
the same day because James needs to get back
to work asap.
I will not have the surgery until they read the
tests results.But they ARE going to say YES.I
Know they are.I don't know how long it will take
them to read them.But i will let you all know asap.
Most of you know my baby daughter is here taking
care of me.and she has been a life saver.She has taken
such a strain off of James.
Up until she got here James had to do everything.
Now she does the house,the shopping,helps me,and
even mowed the yard yesterday.I told James,after
they went to the races Saturday night,she is the son
he never had.ha
But as I told Ms Melissa.There is a small problem.
Roo has fallen head over hills in love with her.He stands
by the door and waits until she comes out.Follows her
every step.Swoons over her.It is so cute,but kind of sad.
Bless his heart,I guess he really does think he is a short,
featured human.
And for my precious friends that are coming to see me.
I have no clue when the surgery will be.But as soon as i
find out I will let you all know.One of my friends,i have never
met is driving an hr and a half one way to see me
.Now isn't that so special?
That's all I can think of.If you have any questions please
e-mail me
Thank you ALL for your love and prayers...Anniepoo