Friday, May 1, 2009



Hi there!And how are you on
this wonderful PINK Saturday?
I bet Ms Beverly and her gang
have a lot of lovely PINKS to see
today.She always does.We'll go
see her in just a minute.First I
have some cuties to show you.

Isn't his just a pure doll?I told
you I have some cuties.Now
would I lie to you?

I know some nieces and
a g-daughter that would
LOVE-----------thisI would love to have these.

Do you think they like bubble

This would go with nothing

in my house.But aren't they

just the cutest?

Do you know what this is?

I bet all you dishaholics do.

I didn't,or at least I didn't

remember I did. It's a

spoon-holder.I saw it on

Ebay.They're quite pricey,

but I'm guessing pretty rare.

I don't remember seeing one

as an adult.

But after I found out WHAT
it was,the memories started
coming back.My aunt used to
have one sitting on her buffet
with ,of course,spoons in it.
Makes me wonder,why did people
use more spoons than forks?At
our house we use more forks,do you?
Either way,i think it's lovely.I'm
going to ask Santa for one to sit on
my buffet.(after he brings my buffet).

More of Gods beauty

and a humans

talent with a camera.

I wonder what could they be

discussing.Have you ever


This I saved the best for last.This

reminds me so much of my friend Riet.

Doesn't it to you who know her?

Wouldn't you love to have them AND

that chenille bedspread they're on?
Now lets go see

Ms beverly @


Domestic Designer said...

Everything is so cute. I actually have a spoon holder and a fork holder and they are really handy. Have a great evening!

Eclectic Pink Rose said...

Ooooh, I love all your pinks!!! That little sweetie in the sweater is just too cute, I want to kiss his little poochie nose!!! and I'd love to have one of each of all your other pinks too!!!
Happy Pink Saturday to you!!
♥ Teresa

mbkatc230 said...

What wonderful pinks you've shared Ann. But you know I love that first little cutie the best - he's just so "squishable" as my little niece would say. Hugs, Kathy

Diane @ Four Paws and Co said...

Great pinks Ann & you know I'm in LOVE with the little chihuahua!!! ☺ Diane

Diane said...

Love your pinks, Ann! That spoon holder brought back so many memories for me. There was an elderly lady in my church when I was growing up. She kept a lovely porcelain spoon holder on the buffet next to her tea set. When I see things that remind of that, I am reminded of her and what a precious little saintly lady she was. Boy, do I miss her sweet smile and gentle spirit! Thanks for the memory, Ann! Have a great weekend!

Many hugs..........


Dixie said...

Ann.. you had me with the first photo... is that Paris Hilton's little poopy?

have a beautiful Saturday.
blessings, Dixie

Angela said...

Lovely post! Love the little doggie! And that spoon holder, I want one too Santa! lol I have never seen one of those before. I learned something new today! Thanks!
~Happy Pink Saturday~

xinex said...

Pretty pink pictures, Ann. Love the spoon holder and that dressed up pup is just the cutest...Christine

Claudie said...

Hello Ann
Claudie here. I want to thank you for trying to come over and say hello. Not sure what problems you are having, but If you would like to email me @ I would be pleased to help.
Thank you for the Anniversary Wishes...I truly appreciate it.
Miss Bee (Deborah) is one of my true blogging Southern Bells and I see you have my other good friends CC's giveaway also. I love them both very much.
Happy Pink Saturday Ann
Love Claudie
P.S. I see you also have a March birthday..mine is the 19th when is yours?

Marie Reed said...

What great picks! I'm STILL going gaga over the first Chihuahua images though! Happy Pink Saturday:)

Cath's Pennies Designs said...

Oh I just love those pictures, especially that spoonholder.
Happy Pink Day!

Mimi said...

Wonderful post for this l♥vely Pink Saturday. This is one morning of the week that I sit back, stroll from blog to blog and indulge myself surrounded by my favorite color.

I wish you a blessed weekend filled with sunshine and surrounded by those you l♥ve.

someplace in thyme said...

Your post today made me smile, it's a great day, thankyou for all the lovies, Happy Pink Saturday, Char

Chandy said...

Lovely pink post today, Ann! I hope you get your buffet soon! Happy Saturday!

Claudia said...

Great pink post - lot of fun pinks. Happy Pink Saturday!

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

Oh Ann, you find the best pink stuff to post! I LOVE that little Dutch kissing couple, and that dog with the pink hoodie is so cute! I always thought there were spoon holders for when coffee or tea was served. That sure is a pretty one. laurie

Chandy said...

Ann, the "frog" cloud, if you look in the middle of the picture you'll see two round clouds and go from there to see it.

The bunny cloud, look at the top of the building and follow the clouds up. Then study the contours of the clouds up to wispy ones then the body. You should be able to see ears, head, front paws and torso of the bunny.

Hugs, Chandy

TRES BELLE said...


That dutch couple sure does remind me of Reit. I really miss her. And I vaguely remember those spoon rests as a child but haven't seen any in years. Pretty neat huh?

Hope you are feeling okay.


Susan @ A Southern Daydreamer said...

Running late this week visiting blogs....Hope you had a Happy Pink Saturday ~ Susan

Cami @ Creating Myself said...

What an adorable chihuahua! Love the kissing Dutch couple. I just bought a kissing pair but they aren't nearly as nice.

I wanted to thank you for your kind comments on the loss of my Gizzy. He will be forever missed but Rudy is helping me to deal w/ it. Thanks again for your thoughtfulness & kindness're a treasure!

Smilingsal said...

I am so late with Pink Saturday; it's Blue Monday already!

Gamma Sharon said...

I love the spoon dish!
Over from SITS... you were ahead of me in roll call.
Hope you have a wonderful week!

Sue said...

Hi, Ann. Came ovaer from SITS. You posted some very pretty pinks! I love the little hooded doggie, of course. and the spoon holder is something I am not familiar with. I'm traveling back to OH now, so when I get home I will visit again. Always good to meet bloggers that are new to me.
:-) Sue If there are typos, I apologize- am using a mini laptop and don't have my contacts in yet!lol

disa said...