Friday, April 24, 2009


Hello,and welcome to
another Favorite Family
Foto Friday.Our hostess
today as always is the
never gets mad at anybody
for ANY reason,Ms Deborah.
You can find her @
The reason I am being
so kind to Ms Deborah
is because,1,she deserves
it.2.i am just now posting
and I don't want to get fired.

you see,I have developed
this memory disease or
should I say lack of
memory disease.My
friends have it too and
they have a name for it.
But i have it so bad,I
can't remember the name.
One day,you'll know exactly
what i am talking about.
it kinda sneaks up on you
as Emeril says.It's got you.
But...there's more to the
story.I was checking my
e-mails,having a real good
time.Laughing at the jokes
my friends had sent me.OH
NO-----I realize it's Friday.
Here starts another story.
really it's a nightmare.I
start to go on my blog,I
can't get in.It keeps
wanting me to enter my
i have had the same password
the entire time.It won't let me

in.I try to change it.My
computer says there's a problem,
an error and must shut down.
A long story short,short of
shooting my computer.(i don't
own a gun).I finally got it back up
and got into it.
Ladies and gents,I started
this at 7:30 this morning.Here
in central Texas,it is now
What started out to be
such a peaceful day sure
took a
let's just enjoy some pretty
young ladies playing
football. Aren't they lovely?I sure hope
one of these dainty little babes
doesn't get hurt.
Honestly now,which one do
you think is the prettiest?
My pet is one the 1st one on
the left.i think she's the cutest.
this one below my writing is
my Grandson Tyler.Isn't he
just darling?Yep,it's Powder
Puff football.


Glenda/MidSouth said...

Sorry about the computer problems. Great pictures :).

Marjorie (Molly) Smith said...

Isn't he just the cutest thing, love his (her) long braids and shades...giggle. Sorry about your computer problems I knew exACTLY how you felt.

Montee said...

Oh yes, I remember the Powder Puff games. We had some of those "adorable" cheerleaders too.

Moonlight Hollow Musings said...

Well, I am glad you got these photos posted because they are hilarious! I love powder puff football! Thanks for making me smile!


Angela said...

Funny Pictures! I can remember the football players doing that when I was in school.
Sorry to hear about your computer problems.

Domestic Designer said...

Cute picture! I don't think it was your computer because the exact same thing happened to me. It took hours to do a post and load pictures. I believe it might have been bloggers problem. Hope it makes you feel better that some more of us had trouble too. It made me feel better to know I wasn't alone!:-) I guess misery loves company. Have a great weekend!

jeanne said...

Ann, I hope your computer problems are behind you. I am so glad you were able to post this photo. I had a real goo laugh. I do hope no one got hurt. Tyler is a very handsome guy in spite of what he is wearing. BIG smile.


mbkatc230 said...

Ann, I'm so happy that you were able to get this posted, because it really gave me a big lift today! The shades and braids are great, but I really think the boots make the look complete haha! So funny. Hugs, Kathy

Heidi Pocketbook said...

Don't get me started on computer problems. We've had our share of them at my house fun!

I remember the guys dressing up like that for homecoming week when I was in school. Unfortunately, the school district no longer allows such political don't want to get me started on that, either!

Have a good weekend!

Nana said...

I hate when you are on the computer for hours trying to fix something.

Those pictures were really cute.

TRES BELLE said...

What a group of "cuties" and that Tyler would have made a wonderful cheerleader. HAHA


Diane said...

Well, dear Ann, I'm sorry for all the computer troubles, but oh it was worth it to see these photos! Just too funny!!! Brought back so many memories of days gone by!

Have a great weekend!

Many hugs........


Chari said...

Hello Dearheart...

Ohhh nooo...there's nothing worse than computer problems! So frustrating...but glad that you got it worked out! Hmmm...this new fangled technology anyway! Hehe!!!

Girl, I know exactly what you're talkin' about...wait...what were we talkin' about??? wink! Oh my, I am gettin' forgetful in my old age! Hehe!!!

Hehehehee...what a photo Ann!!! I'm sorry but when you first started talking about those pretty girls...I thought hmmm...Ann hasn't just gotten forgetful but she can't see good either! I was thinking that those girls were looking pretty rough...I went ahead and enlarged the photo...OMG...I'm sorry but some of those girls were so ugly that I'm afraid only their mamas could love em'!!! Hehehehheeee...just kidding! Boys will be boys!!! Bet they had a blast dressing up in those cheerleading uniforms! Hehehehe!!!

love ya,

Chari said...

Hello Dearheart...

Just read your note...hmmm, 3 what? Were you asking if there were 3 music boxes? Nope...just have two! Hehe!!!

How are you doing today, Sweetie? I just published my new "Sunday Favorites" meme...was so nervous about Mr. Linky showing up like he was supposed to...but he did! Yeeeehawwww!!! Are you going to put something up for it? Sure hope you have some fabulous past posts, my friend!

Have a super Saturday, Sweetie!!!
Love ya,