Monday, March 2, 2009


Hello and welcome as always to
are hosted by Diane @

Our meme is to show anything you
have that was given to you.You
found at a flea market,garage sale,
roadside find.Anything that you have
given new life or love to.
For the last two week-ends my hubby
and I have gone junkin.Yes,he loves it
as much as me.On our first daytime date
thats where we went.To antique stores.
We made out like bandits.We headed out
to go to an antique strip in Terrell,Texas
where Jamie Foxx is from.Of course on the way
we found a garage sale.It could've been
a beautiful day.But...the WIND was soooooooo
cold.But the sale was so good................
I promptly picked out what I wanted and
DH waited and paid for them while I headed
back to get in the car.The wind was brutal.
No more of that.
We got some Christmas ornaments and some
angels for my
Next we stopped at the antique strip.No
better,They had their big garage size doors
open.So that summed that up.Off to the thrift
My first treasure here.I got last week-end
at my favorite thrift store that I blogged
about.It of course is WEDGEWOOD.I have looked
on line to see what kind of deal I got.I paid
$12.00 for this.There were some close to it for
anywhere from $20.00 to $50.00.I never found one
exactly like it.But the important thing.I like it.
The back would not photograph,no matter how I
tried.Wedgewood is engraved into it.
Next this darling little dish from Goodwill.Yes,
I went back to Goodwill.It was pretty good too.I
used to be awful.This little dish I think was .50.It
says Fine china-lightolie by Zapun.Who knows?I
love it.And there's not a chip on it.

These this last week-end estate sale.I'm telling ya,we hit
everything we could find.I was jonesing something awful.ha.
mother of pearl.$3.00 with 25%off.wheeeeeeeee!TT,here
we come.
And who's believin this?WEDGEWOOD plate.From the garage sale.
Hold on for the price..25.yes,25cents.Can you believe?And again,
no chips.It has a small Lacey edge,but it must be vintage or just
have been used a lot.It has rubbed almost smooth.

And I saved the best for last.My little cherub.
Now isn't he just the sweetest thing?
$9.00with 25%off.Vanna,are you itching
honey?If you come by,bring a big purse.
We found a lot of other little ditties,but you'll see them in post
to come.I also took some pics.
I have so much fun with this know you can show
most anything.So now lets go see what treasures the other ladies have found.ok?Grab a link.
And away we go....


Linda said...

Fun things you found Ann! Don't you love finding a treasure for next to nothing?!
Thanks for always stopping in my blog too.
Hugs, Linda Q

mbkatc230 said...

You found some real bargains. I love the wedgewood plate and those napkin rings are beautiful! Can't wait to see them in a tablescape. Hugs, Kathy

Deb said...

Looks like you found some treasures this weekend also, isn't it fun!!!

jeanne said...

Hi Ann, I would say you hit the jackpot. I love all of your great purchases, but my favorite is the napkin rings. I'm a sucker for them. The mother of pearl is so pretty.


tardevil said...

Love the napkin rings & cherub.

Southern Lady said...

It sounds like a fun day, Ann ... and it's nice that your husband enjoys going with you.

Your little cherub is my favorite.



xinex said...

You did really good, Ann! Great deals especially the napkin rings. Love the cherub and the little tray...Christine

Diane @ Four Paws and Co said...

Wow Ann! You're on a lucky score roll! I can't believe you found such a deal on Wedgewood! ♥

lvroftiques said...

SCORE!! Missy!! I love that sweet little plate from the Goodwill! And a wedgewood plate for 25 cents? Only you could pull that off girlfriend! And of course I LOVE that cherub....And yeppers..I'm bringing my BIG purse!! Lol! Vanna

Mary Ellen (megardengal) said...

Ann you have certainly found some great treasures! The wedgewood dish is wonderful and that little rose dish is so sweet and unusual in it's shape! I just love it when we find such bargains!!

Oh and those napkin rings! Lovely- I know they will look wonderful in one of your tablescapes! All those wonderful table settings have me on the lookout for pretties so I can do a few- actually I do have some pretties- just need to get my putudi in gear and take pictures!!!


Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) said...

Ann, you hit the mother lode of treasures here girl. I'm so happy you were able to get out and have some's so nice that you and hubby both enjoy it. I love your little dish..girl.. it is gorgeous..after all we know Vanna will go after the thanks for swinging in darling..and for all your kind words and prayers for our family.
hugs ~lynne~

Jill said...

Great bargains! I love the plate, it's really pretty!
Now it's time to dress up your table with all your findings!

Cindy J. said...

Oh Ann you did good! Love the Wedgewood box and those napkin rings... oooh I love those.. can't wait to see the tablescape.. What a blessing your dear hubby loves tiquing too, match made in heaven. Love, Cindy

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

Oh Ann, I love everything you got! That Wedgewood piece is lovely, and your cherub is so pretty. You did great! I'm a little jealous of all of your bargains! laurie

Happy To Be said...

You did great again Ann..don't you love to get out?? I need to do that and soon..I have cabin fever girl!! Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

Riet said...

Great finds Ann. The Wedgwood box is beautiful and a real bargain. That box is certainly worth a lot more. I have something in blue. The wedgwood plate is real cheap. It is called wedgwood Edme. We Dutch love Wedgwood and it is sort of classy to have a Wedgwood dinner service. So I have a whole chest full of it. LOL. I must start showing off my Wedgwood some day.
Hope you are feeling better?

Glenda said...

Glad your outing was successful. It really makes it feel much colder when the wind is blowing. That is when I also try to do any shopping inside in the stores rather than outside at the garage sales.

Looking forward to seeing the napkin rings in an upcoming TT. Hope you are feeling much better.

Smilingsal said...

You are REALLY doing a good job of getting bargains. Happy Second Time around Tuesday.


Ann...You are a true treasure hunter! I love that you said you were doing a little girl has gotta do what a girl has gotta do! I think I shall pack my suitcase and treasure hunt with perhaps I can squeeze that Cherub in for the trip home! Is it not fun to have treasures you know the girls will envy! Hope you get a chance to stop by and visit Victoria Rose over at my blog this Tueday!

Glenda/MidSouth said...

Great finds! Don't you just love a day of "Junkin"?

Bo said...

Hi was worth braving that cold wind to get all the goodies you found! Bravo... ;-) Bo

playsdolls said...

What some great fines you have made.I love to spend the day junkin you can find some great deals.The little chureb is so darling.

Susie Mitchell said...

Hi Ann...trying to leave a comment here for the 3rd time...some days I can't get this right. I love the little dish from good favorite thing you've shown today. About that nest...I'm feeling pretty blessed...I won Diane Knott's giveaway a few weeks ago...a pretty print and some goodies she added...and now Barb's nest. You know, if you really want one...she gave instructions for building your own. Do I need to duck here? LOL Hope the rest of your week is great...supposed to be warm in my corner of TX.
Blessings, Susie

Barb said...

Hi Ann,
Great finds! I am just waiting for the weather to clear up here so garage sales will start again. Those are the best bets for me to find things.

Nice your fella likes to go with you.
I wore mine out years ago. He went, but never his fav thing. At that point we were hitting more craft stores than garage sales.

Having fun in Oregon in spite of all the rain.

Barbara Jean

Judanna said...

Love your finds. They are beautiful. It is so much fun
to find items that have been
cherished by other people. I often wonder about their previous owners and why they were discarded.
May God bless youi. Judanna

RobinfromCA said...

The Wedgewood is such a great find! It's amazing what bargains you were able to find in just one trip!

Robin@Miscellaneous Thoughts

Tomarie said...

Wowzers! You made a haul Anniepoo! I just love that little dish! I think I need to stop in at our Goodwill store more often! Great finds and GREAT prices!! Love ya! L~

Cindy J. said...

Ann dear I am just bawling my head off with each comment! My husband will be home soon and will be wondering what is wrong with me. I guess I have a bit of sorrow for everything held up inside that is just bursting through with everyone's kind and loving comments. Thank-you again. Love, Cindy

Nancy and the fatties said...

Hi Ann! thanks for visiting my bloggy. So nice to meet a fellow Texan. I will keep an eye on you to see what's new! I love that little dish, isn't it amazing what people let go!
pughugs from Flower Mound...

Diane@A Picture is Worth.... said...

Hi Ann,
Nothing thrills me more than getting bargains like you have shown in your post!

Thanks so much for linking to 2nd Time Around!

Please forgive me for taking so long to comment! Your other posts on Thurs. and Wed. were fun for me to read too!

disa said...