Thursday, February 12, 2009


Hi,I am running this again in THRIFTY THURSDAY
for those that have seen it,I'm sorry,ha. My Tablescape
is below....

I only have one TRASH TO TREASURE today
hosted by Diane @
but this little thing has a large impact.
I have had a light case of the flu,thanks to
a flu shot,so I haven't felt good lately.So I've

spent quite a lot of time on my trusty ole
puter.And one of the first blogs I check,like
a lot of us is Ms.Susan

On her blog Sunday at one of the great
she visits in Georgia she found the most

china.She quickly fell in love with it and
about it.It was Herand,priced at only
a complete set.

As soon as I saw it,it looked soooooooo

I went and fetched mine.Yep,same
thing.Susan said

in her article that mine was valued
at $120.00.I have

had mine a few years and don't
remember where i got it or how
much I paid.But,I'm guessing
.50 or possibly $1.00.Lucky find?
You bet.Someone

elses trash--my treasure.I just loved
it because of

the birds,of course. Please go by Susan
s blog .The story has quite the impact.

.K. I have been tagged...again. Dixie@.

Here's the TAG...Give seven things that
people may not know about you and the
link of the person who tagged you. Then
give the links of the people you are going
to tag. And list 7 people whom you have

1.I no longer drink coffee.Dh puts 9
creams in his coffee,yes 9 creams.
So in order for him to do that the
coffee doesn't even need a cup.I love
my coffee strong and black.But
since I don't water mine down.
I just gave up.I now drink a coke
for my caffeine.

2.I went to college.Most don't
know that.I wanted to work in
rape and child abuse.And made
straight A's.But I had 3 children
at this point and was working
also.It was just too hard.i gave
the dream up.But everything
happens for a reason.

3.a lot of my friends know I fell
into a sess pool(septic tank)when
I was a toddler.Well,I also was
getting newspapers down from
a shelf above my head.I pulled
the edge of the paper just enough
to make it fall.It did along with it
came a claw hammer into my
head.I am 59,I still have the huge
scar on my head.
4.I really shouldn't be here.A lot
of you know,i have a wonderful
pet rooster,named Roo.Also when
I was a toddler my uncles rooster
pulled me under the house.He
spurred me.I still have the scars
,but they have also always
looked like dimples.

Well,also I was 5 yrs,riding a trike
on my aunt's porch.I hit an empty
plank.When I did the trike flipped
onto a rusty old plow blade in the

You guessed it ,scars to go on the
other side of my head.ha

.I could go on and on about 5 or
6 more times.But I am so sure
when I think back at the times
I have NO reason to be alive,I am ,
because God isn't ready for me yet.


5.When I was in elementary and

junior high I won several contests

for singing.I sounded a lot like

Teresa Brewer .Nope,can't carry

a tune in a bucket anymore.

This is hard coming up with

something no one knows,that

MIGHT interest them.ha

6.I was raised in Odessa, Texas

(west Texas for those of you that

don't know Texas.)Where the

panthers are.They made a movie

and a series about it.But neither

tell anything like what REALLY

happened.It's called Saturday

Night Lights.

7.fINALLY---------let me think

here.I am a great grand mother.

To a charming,handsome little

guy named Byson Collier,Brittany's

son.He is 8 yrs old.I will feature

him soon.

NOW,I am tagging

1.Penny @

2.Deb @

3.Barb @

4.Cyndi @

5.Melissa @

6.Cami @

Sadly I just found out baby Cora was buried
today.You can leave your condolances @


Melissa Miller said...

~WOW! Ann what a find on the beautiful plate!
Good for you!

Thanks for the tag. I enjoyed reading yours and I am so glad you're doing well dear friend.
~Melissa :)

Cindy J. said...

Oh Ann I could spot a Herend plate from across the room. What a great eye and unbelieveable find. I once, just for fun priced their soup tureens, oh my we might have to give up eating and paying the light bill, but I was thinking about it! LOL Hope you are feeling better. Love, Cindy

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

Ann, how neat that you had that plate and didn't know what you had. It's beautiful. I keep thinking that I have something I thought was junk that is going to turn out to be something very valuable! LOL! I enjoyed reading your list. I can't believe you survived your childhood! If you were growing up in today's world, some government agency would have been looking into abuse after all of your accident!! Love ya, laurie

tardevil said...

Your facts are interestin...sounds like you ahve 9 lives! :O) Love your plate! Don't you love getting something expensive for next to nothing?

mbkatc230 said...

That plate is gorgeous, what a steal! After I saw Susan's post I immediately hit Craiglist and E-bay, the prices are quite amazing. Lucky you, but what's even better is that you found it and loved it before you knew what it was worth. And girl, you must be a cat! I thought I was accident prone, but I've got nothing on you! Great post, Kathy

Diane said...

Thank you for sharing tidbits from your amazing life. You're a very lucky lady & I'm so fortunate to call you my friend. ♥

PS The plate is beautiful! See, I told you that you're lucky!

xinex said...

Hi Ann! You are so lucky finding great deals! That Herend plate is gorgeous...Christine

prof en retraite said...

Wow got a deal on that plate!! And I love your facts about yourself!You have had quite a few accidents, huh? Have a great week...Debbie

Mary Ellen (megardengal) said...

It was fun reading your tag comments Ann- You must have a really good angel watching out for you!

I love that sweet plate! Isn't it fun to find out we really have good taste!!!


Riet said...

Good morning Ann. Lucky you finding that plate. Isn't it beautiful. I have only a saucer left, the cup must have been broken. I wanted the whole teaservice but that was so expenisive already 30 years ago that I chose another design for my teaserve. I will take a picture and show it one of these days. When I read your tags I thought how in the world could you have survived all those accidents. Have a nice day.

Bo said...

Hi Ann...guess what? I was the first graduating class of Permian High School...way ahead of you...
in 1960! Small world, huh? It was amazing reading about all of your close calls with scars to prove it.
;-) Bo

Glenda said...

You are living proof of the expression "living a charmed life". You certainly did during your childhood. Now we need to figure out how to extend that into adulthood and you might end up rivaling Methuselah.

Lucky for you that Texas is so far from Georgia or Susan just MIGHT show up with a purse to relieve you of your "trash to treasure".

ksarra said...

What a treasure you've found! I think you can find the link to the Martha Stewart video from Cindy's blog. I think it was around February last year when I first saw it, because I made the roses for Valentine's Day. Hope this helps, "Talk" soon!!!

Bo said...

Hi again Ann...I got so carried away about Odessa I forgot to tell you what a gorgeous plate & an incredible find that was... I did see the was okay...we started watching the series, but it lost us right away...didn't remind me of Odessa at all & certainly not Permian... ;-) Bo

Jill said...

Pretty plate!!!!!

I hope you feel better ANN!!!!!!!!!!

Chari said...

Hey Girlfriend...

Well I hope that my little note finds you feeling better today, Sweetie! I've been praying for you!

Girl, I love that little Herend plate...just love the little birds! OMG...that china is very expensive!!! I can't believe that you found this charming little plate for about "from trash to treasure"...hehe! You did good, my friend!!!

Girl, as I was reading all of your mishaps as a child growing up...I was thinking that you definitely kept your guardian angels busy, busy! Hehe! It's amazing you're still with us...hehe!!! Ohhh my, I bet you do have some scars! Poor thing!!!

Hope you're feeling better and having a terrific Tuesday, Sweetie!
Love ya,

pammiejo said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog. I had a similar experience with glassware that Cindy on My Romantic Home displayed - after I learned more about it from her blog and doing research I found that I had a whole set of it and it's worth alot! My husband says "sell". I say, "no way" - it's my inheritance! PAM

ksarra said...

Hi Ann, I've tried to find more info on the roses for you...have you tried this site? She was the guest on Martha who showed how to make them.

Cami @ Creating Myself said...

I just love teh little bees around the sides of that Herend dish!

Man, do you have 9 lives or what?

Thanks for the button Ann...I'll display it proudly but I'm afraid I can't pass the tag on. Sorry! I can just neevr choose who to pass on to so I don't play. Hope it doesn't hurt your feelings!

Cami @ Creating Myself said...

Forgot to tell you that Diane said in one of her posts that she wouldn't be having Trash to Treasure Tuesday thsi week because she would be out of town. But repost it next week...the others are going to want to see this trash to treasure!

southerninspiration said...

Oooooh, boy, that IS a treasure! Wow! Sorry to hear you had the flu bug....glad you had that shot! I venture to say that another thing we didn't know about you is that you have a resident guardian angel sitting on your shoulder!! What things you went thru but God saved you for today! :)
You asked how I am....I'm okay; today is not one of my better days, but I am slowly trying to get this thyroid mess figured out! Thanks so much for asking!!!
Hugs to you,

The Quintessential Magpie said...

That is a great score with your Herend plate! Those things are like gold! Don't you love to get a great deal like that? Enjoyed your MeMe, too.


Sheila :-)

Tomarie said...

Anniepoo! I can't believe how many times you were poor thing! :-)
LOVE the's beautiful!
Please take care of YOU and that nasty FLU!!
Love ya! L~

Carrie said...

As soon as I saw the plate, i thought "Herend" and looks like the pattern Susan likes. You really got a great buy there!

Nana said...

Well Ann you have had an interesting life. I'm not surprised. Glad you stuck around!

kymber said...

Hi Ann,
What a beautiful plate! I am telling you- I would love to go thrift store shopping with you one day - you find the most amazing things!

Loved your tag stories. You must have nine lives like a cat!! My goodness girl! I can't believe that you didn't get more seriously hurt with that claw hammer - ouch!!
God had better plans for you that is for sure! You touch so many with your kindness!
Blessings to you,

Deb said...

Love your plate ~ what a fantastic find! Anything with birds gets my attention too :-) thanks for stopping by my blog!

Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) said... stole that plate! Amazing! Why can't I ever find deals like that??? Gorgeous pieces. There's one on eBay right's the link if you want to watch it to see what it goes for:

Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) said...

Oh, forgot to say...God, has kept you around for a reason! Can't believe all the things that have happened to you!

Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) said...

Hi Ann,
Leigh at Tales from Bloggeritaville has a Mr. Linky set up for any "thrift find" and your Herend plate post is perfect. I just linked over there and I thought you might want to also. Here her blog address:
If you do want to participate, I don't think there's a logo or button to post...just link your Herend post and your done. :-) Susan

jennifer said...

EXCELLENT find!! The birds are darling. And wow - cool that it is valuable.

Linda said...

Oh, my, you are dangerous! Glad you are still here : )
That plate really is lovely....good for you! Linda

momma said...

stopping by from sits

Leigh said...

WHat a beautiful plate! I love your thrifty find. I love the details of the bugs and birds. Cute! And also, thank you for posting my button! I hope that you will return for next Thursday's Thrifty Thursday! I really enjoyed having you. I love new friends. Thanks Ann!

lvroftiques said...

Oh Ann Byson is such a handsome little boy! I can't believe you're a great grammy at your age! Cheese n rice did you have your first at 12 or something? *winks* And you are the QUEEN of the deal! That Herend plate stopped me in my tracks! What an eye girlfriend! Vanna

lvroftiques said...

Oh and forgot to are obviously meant to be here! And I'm insisting it be at least 50 yrs more! Hehe! Vanna

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