Monday, February 23, 2009


Hello and welcome to The Second Time
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Today,the project I have took about
a year to complete.But...She's finally
finished.I bought this ugly,grey chandy
at a garage sale last year for $2.00.I
brought it home not really knowing where
I was going to hang it or what color it
was going to be.As you all know by now,
my kitchen is whimsical and has roosters
galore.So no need for glamour in there.But,
I started thinking along the lines of
I found the medallion last summer also
at a garage sale for 50 cents,brand new.
Yipeeeeeeeee.Again,I didn't want chic,I
wanted cutesy.It had the pattern of the
leaves and tulips,so I just painted them.
Again,our friend Gloria influenced me.She
has a killer one.I believe her has a lady
on it.My dh and my niece thought I had
lost it.In the end,they liked it.
So I painted the chandy red.Put the dots
all over it.It still needed something.
I tried hanging some crystals on it.Nope!
It needed shades.I assumed I'd find some
on sale.They can get mighty pricey.
So time drifted along.Week-end before
last when we went to my favorite thrift
store.There they were.$1.50 each.Fabulous,
only problem was !They didn't match my
kitchen.They didn't even match each other.
But I can paint them!So I did.
I bought some trim.Too much,they look
better just as they are.
I made a cord cover with some fabric i
bought for another project that didn't
turn out.No loss.Tee hee.
Now I do believe I am finished.What do
you think?Not counting the fabric,I already
had and the paint,my chandy cost $8.00.
I love it,and I'm proud of it.Like alot of
people now,we are on a budget.And this
can fit into anyones budget.

Now,lets go over to Ms Diane's and see

all the treasures all the other ladies

have.Don't you just love to see what

us women do.We are AWESOME,

aren't we?



Deb said...


I live it! You did a great job.

Happy To Be said...

Just wonderful Ann and thanks for the mention did you do the dots..fabric paint?? hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) said...

Ann, this is about the cutest thing I've ever seen! I love it! You are a genius! :-) You would pay a fortune for that in a store! Susan

lvroftiques said...

It's adorable!! You did a wonderful job! Vanna

marty39 said...

Oh Ann, I think this is gorgeous. How creative can you get. I love the dots, and the red is just perfect. Hugs, Marty

momma said...

wow - that is awesome!!! i love the dots!!!

tardevil said...

I really like the shade of red & the ceiling medallion is nice too!

Shelia said...

Hi Ann! Oh, my goodness! This is adorable! I can't believe you did this all by your little self!! I love it! You would pay zillions of dollars if you bought this in a little specialty shop! Great job!!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia :0

Linda said...

Wow! That is amazing! Love the red and love the dots! Linda

Shanda said...

I love it. Very whimsical and cute. You did a fabulous job.

Diane@A Picture is Worth.... said...

Hi Ann,
Love the new look you gave the chandy!

Looks very striking in red!

Thanks for linking to 2nd Time Around!

Mary Ellen (megardengal) said...

Oh Ann this is adorable!!! I love the polka dots and the color- it is just charming! What a cute checked chain cover also- Girl you are tooo good!

I have a few lighting projects I need to get to one of these days! TIme is I just had more Time!!!

I pray your week brings lots of smiles your way!

Melissa Miller said...


Tomarie said...

I am so glad you posted this because I loved this the first time I saw it!! And even though you weren't going for "chic" looks like you bought it from an upscale boutique! You had a great vision and carried it out fabulously! :-) Love ya! L~

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

Ann, this is fantastic! It turned out so great! You are just so creative. I absolutely adore this chandelier! It looks like something in a high end store. laurie

Jill said...

Ann, it looks great!!!!!!

mbkatc230 said...

YOU are awesome Miss Ann. This is adorable. What a great vision you had, and I love the red. And the polka dots. And the chain cover. And the . . . I just LOVE it! Kathy

ellen b said...

Ann! You have really impressed me with the transformation of this chandelier! Fabulous job an fabulous result. I really like it.

Diane said...

Ann, This is gorgeous! You could open an Etsy shop with beautiful things like this! You're an wonderfully talented lady! ♥ Diane

Amy said...

wow I love the colors,looks great!! I did that once , but mine was done in black and leopard... some phase I went through. thanks for sharing,take care, Amy

Keetha said...

Wow - - - you put A LOT of work into that!!! Lovely.

Kristen said...

Oh how clever you are! I need to do something with our chandy. I even bought the paint but have been scared to work on it.
Now you've got me in the mood to give it a try.

Thanks for the inspiration!

Marie said...

a perfect project!! it is lovely doesn't look as if it were anything other then red.

Bo said...

Oh Ann...this transformation is so darling...You really should post this again on the "Flaunt Your Reds Party" that Nancy of Southern Lady will be is her URL: in case you don't know of her blog...
;-) Bo

bj said...

Are you it? Boy, I LOVE is the cutest thing!
You did an excellent job and I am just beside myself that you can PAINT a shade. Awesome...I have some I might just paint now.

Sherri S said...

That is an amazing transformation! What a beautiful addition to your room and a great bargain price. Got to love that!

Smilingsal said...

I love it in red! How creative! Thanks for sharing.

Riet said...

Really awesome Ann . I love it

Candy said...

Bright and cheery!
Happy Tues, Candy

Susie Mitchell said...

I love that chandy! What a wonderful job you did! I'm coming back to have a look at your past posts. My kitchen is filled with, I've got to see some of your roosters. Hope you have a fantastic week!
Blessings, Susie

Elizabeth-Plain and Simple said...

You should be proud of it. You did an excellant job and I love it. I also love the gold mirror in the background. Thanks for sharing your chandy.


Darlene said...

Oh.MY.GOSH....I LOVE it!!! You did a fabulous job and it turned out soooooo CUTE! Nice to meet you on this second time around Tuesday! Oh and when my mom & I got home I googled terrariums and saw prices (without anything even in them) from $100 and up so I thought it was quite a good buy and I LOVE it!

P.S. I was born and raised in Houston (so I still feel like a Texan) but now live in Oklahoma.

squawmama said...

Wow Annie what a great transformation that chandelier was... It doesn't even look like the same one and I know it is worth a lot more now... Great Job!!!! You're so very talented...
Love YA


pammiejo said...

Yep, I like it! You did it up just great! Thanks for dropping by my blog too. PAM

xinex said...

So pretty, Ann! It's so alive now and I love all the white dots on it...Christine

nikkicrumpet said...

Your blog looks so pretty...I don't know if I've just not been paying attention...but today it really hit me. Or maybe it's new and I forgot to notice. Dang I'm getting old. Anyway it looks great. And that chandelier!!!! I swear I can't believe you took something that...ummm...unattractive and turned it into something so PERFECT. I love the color and the polka dots and the whole feel of it. And the chain scrunchie and the medallion...dang everything is marvelous. YOU are brilliant!

jeanne said...

Ann, there is no way I could have come up with your idea and it looks fabulous. I love the polka dots and the fabric sleeve for the chain. The medallion looks great. Good job Ann.

Have a wonderful day.


Karen at Nittany Inspirations said...

You really have a vision to see that great red chandy in that old grey one. Good job!

Also I notice you won Rose Haven's header and background. Aren't they all great.

Chari said...

Hey Girlfriend...

Ohhh..I'm so sorry to get over here so late...yesterday turned out to be pretty hectic with no computer time! Eeekks!!!

Girl, I just can't say enough about what you did with that $2 gray chandy!!! Ohhhh my...what a fabulous transformation...I just adore it!!! Love the red (of course, you knew I would...hehe!) But adding those cute little white polka dots just made that chandy!!! And I love how you painted the shades to match!!! I just can't believe that this little beauty only cost you $8!!! What a grand post, my friend! I'm on a very tight budget I'm always so impressed when someone like "your creative self" can take something like this and make such a beautiful piece!!! My hat is off to ya...I absolutely adore it!!!

Well Sweetie, so happy that you stopped by my frenchy studio/office...thank you so much for your sweet compliments...means so much to me coming from you!!!

Love ya,

Chari said...

Ooops...was wanting to ask what room your little red & white polka dot chandy is in? Is that your dining room?

Love ya,

Nancy said...

Ann, It is so nice to meet you! I can see that you are a RED lover! I loooove your chandi redo!!! That has to be the cutest thing ever!!!!
I look forward to seeing what you show for Flaunt Your Red Friday Party!!!
I will be back to look around some more on your blog! Nancy

Home Sweet Hideaway said...

Oh my goodness...I LOVE it! I can't believe it was only $8.00. GOOD job!

philben5 said...

I love love it! Thanks for stopping by and becoming a follower. I am semi new and it is always so exciting to see a new follower. Hope I don't dissapoint you.

Beth at Aunties said...

So fun and pretty. I am way impressed. It gives such a happy feeling. Well done!
Thanks for the smile!

Nana said...

Ann, that turned out darling. I told you, you were artsy fartsy. (That is a good thing.) I love love love the color red.

Shelia said...

Hi Ann! I'm still loving your chandy! Yes, Dear One, you're entered in my giveaway and good luck.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia :0

Tomarie said...

Thank you was important for me to write it...even if it DID make me teary-eyed too! Love you! L~

Heidi Pocketbook said...

That is just so cute, I love it!

Glenda said...

This ceiling fixture is definitely better the second time around. The improvements you made turned an ugly duckling into a beautiful swan.

Joy said...

I love how you re-did that light fixture! It turned out very cute.

Queenie's Vintage Finds and Treasures said...

Hey Ann,
I am so glad you visited my blog again,it's always a pleasure seeing that you've stopped by....I appreciate all of your sweet comments. I am so glad that the tray of hankies could bring back a precious memory of your grandma for you! Those grandma's are such special ladies....I love to find things that remind me of mine.
Your chandy is pretty and cute...and on budget too.... I really love that! I know it tickles you to death.... that you got it all for that price...and it's so adorable! You are very creative...Hope you have a great week!
big hugs,

Country Lad said...

This is my first visit to your blog. I love your chandelier. You did an awesome job! I could really use some help with the lighting in my kitchen. (Hint! Hint!) Just teasing. Anyway, great blog!

new every morning said...

Thanks for joining the party!
I LOVE the light! How whimsical and creative!