Friday, February 27, 2009


7Hello there.Today is Pink
As always we are hosted by
Ms Beverly@

As you all know Pink Saturday
has been going on for months.It
looks like we would run out of
pinks,nope!Not yet anyway.
Today,I am featuring Pink
Hair.Yep-Pink Hair.
And here they are:

I like the first one the best.
Isn't she lovely?Looks a little
like Olivia Newton John years
ago,doesn't she?

I love the color and I'm

sure she won't go threw

Life like this,but for Petes

sake,get it out of your


This one,not so much!


Not bad.

Wouldn't you hate\

for your kids to see

this years from now!

How would you talk

your way out of that


Too dark for me.

On her,it looks good.

What hair?All I see are those

gorgeous eyes.

And now for the queen of pink,

it's PINK herself.

Now lets jump on over to Ms.

Beverlys and see all the

participants.So grab a link

And lets GO.............................

Oops,thank you for coming.

Thursday, February 26, 2009


Hello there and welcome to another
wonderful and fabulous Favorite
Family Foto Friday.As always hosted
by our one and only Ms Deborah @

Again today,I get to show

off my family.

What could be better?

You should join us.

Today,I am going to

show off "My Precious

Son."Or at least that"s

what his sisters called

him for years.Can you

relate?He was a great

kid and young man.

He never got into

trouble,always acted with

respect for others.But

more importantly,he

NEVER lied.That was

only one of his awesome


He started out during

the summers working for

one of my clients husbands

as a go-fer for a builder.

You know

you do all the stuff noone

else wants to do.But he

did it well.

Lets slide on into the

future.He wound up working

for the most prestigous

builders in Dallas.Everybody

wanted him.He was a smart

a hard worker and

very creative.

He married a lovely lady,

had three beautiful children,

One passed away.We don't

want to go there today.

Today is a happy story.

He accomplished the

American dream.Big,


home,swimming pool,

New vehicles,trips,bonus.


works.He had nowhere to

go ,but up.

Well like a movie,he got

sick.Many years later,he

is finally diagnosed as

bi-polar.He lost all.And

has gone

through so much.But he

is once again back on the mend.

Once he was finally diagnosed,

he's on some great meds

now.I feel someday he once

again will re-gain all he has lost.

I know this sounds like a sad story.

But believe me,the worse is behind

all of us.And it has been HARD.

I almost didn't do a post on him.

But how to do skip a child?

And by the way,this is pretty

little Sarahs father.And he has a

son,Josh.I'll post one on him soon.

You other moms can relate to this.

He is my baby.And once years ago,I pulled

him down on my lap for a little hug.

I said something to the effect of


Being the strong

manly,manly man that he was.He quickly

jumped up and said,"I'm not a baby

momma."And I said,"when you are 80

yrs old,you will always be my baby."

I didn't mean this to depress

anyone.We,or rather he,has gotten the

very worse behind him,Lord willing.

Thank you for are

always appreciated.

Now lets hop on over to Ms Deborah

and look at everybody elses pics,shall


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Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Hello and welcome to my TABLESCAPE
you all probably know by now
Thursday tablescape is hosted by
the one and only Ms.Susan @

And Thrifty Thursday is hosted by
Ms Leigh @

I am mixing the two again this week
because they fit.

Today,I am having an imaginary
breakfast for just little ole me.
I started out with my finds from
last week-end.Yes,I snuck out again.
I have been seeing all these lovely
lacey plates.In love with them,I
was determined to find some,
at my price.I DID!And it's from
Pier one.Yipeee. You don't know
I did the happy dance?DH thought
well this is it!She's gone batty.
I snatched that plate up so fast,
I got dizzy.I couldn't find but
one,but I'll keep looking.
I also found this Mikasa salad
plate.Isn't it lovely?I actually
found two of these.I tried it on
first my crocheted doily.Then later
on my lace plate mat.I tried it with
my little crystal glasses and my
lavender goblet.
I have used
my flatware with my other
name on it.It is Kenwood
by Rogers. My name was May.
See my M?
I know it's not Spring,but I crave
it so much.For a little while,here,it is
I also found Mr.bunny here.He
willingly agree to have an imaginary
breakfast with me.Anything as long
as he can stay.
I also found the little tulip candle
holder and even lit it.Awwwwwwww.
See my pretty little hen butter dish?
Ain't she cute?And my first piece of
chintz.Oh,it will not be the last.Remem-
ber,I paid $5.oo on Ebay?No one overbid
My little hen teapot is another find
awhile back.She's Fitz and Floyd.I paid
$5.00 for her also.My demitasse little cup?
Of course a thrift find,a few years ago.I
have the set and the little gold spoons
that go with it.
And of course for my tablecloth,I used
some pink fabric,you know it.I got a bag full
from a thrifty store for pennies.
I;m sure you recognize the napkin
holders,garage sale.and the napkins?
Brand new,Pennys,still with tags,yep,
thrift store.

Thank you so very much for

coming.It was nice to see your

smiling face.Now----------------

lets go see Leigh and Susan.

Wanna race?Lets gooooooooooooo!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Hello,and welcome to WORDLESS WEDNESDAY
hosted by Ms.Dixie @

Today our word is MARDI GRAS





Monday, February 23, 2009


Hello and welcome to The Second Time
Around hosted by Ms.Diane @

Today,the project I have took about
a year to complete.But...She's finally
finished.I bought this ugly,grey chandy
at a garage sale last year for $2.00.I
brought it home not really knowing where
I was going to hang it or what color it
was going to be.As you all know by now,
my kitchen is whimsical and has roosters
galore.So no need for glamour in there.But,
I started thinking along the lines of
I found the medallion last summer also
at a garage sale for 50 cents,brand new.
Yipeeeeeeeee.Again,I didn't want chic,I
wanted cutesy.It had the pattern of the
leaves and tulips,so I just painted them.
Again,our friend Gloria influenced me.She
has a killer one.I believe her has a lady
on it.My dh and my niece thought I had
lost it.In the end,they liked it.
So I painted the chandy red.Put the dots
all over it.It still needed something.
I tried hanging some crystals on it.Nope!
It needed shades.I assumed I'd find some
on sale.They can get mighty pricey.
So time drifted along.Week-end before
last when we went to my favorite thrift
store.There they were.$1.50 each.Fabulous,
only problem was !They didn't match my
kitchen.They didn't even match each other.
But I can paint them!So I did.
I bought some trim.Too much,they look
better just as they are.
I made a cord cover with some fabric i
bought for another project that didn't
turn out.No loss.Tee hee.
Now I do believe I am finished.What do
you think?Not counting the fabric,I already
had and the paint,my chandy cost $8.00.
I love it,and I'm proud of it.Like alot of
people now,we are on a budget.And this
can fit into anyones budget.

Now,lets go over to Ms Diane's and see

all the treasures all the other ladies

have.Don't you just love to see what

us women do.We are AWESOME,

aren't we?


Friday, February 20, 2009


Hello and welcome to another
Fabulous Pink Saturday.Our
\sweet hostess is waiting for
you @
to show you soooooooo much more.
I'll meet you there.

Today,this reminded me so much

of our WordlessWednesday,These

pics just don't need alot of talk.I

had no idea WHAT I was going to

do today.Usually,I have an idea

way before Friday evening.So I

started looking at my pics.I have

100's.I found this PINK turkey.

(He's the very last pic.)I said

bingo.That's it,pink animals.We

don't have any pink animals?Oh

yes we do.And here are a few.

she loves pink too

I don't think he does


I just had to,whocould resist thosecheeks!

how bout thosepink fairies?

Our eternal flamingos

Pink Fish?

Poor thing.Makes me tired.

Now here's our hero and the reason for it all.Isn't he a handsome boy?Just think he might have been ourNational bird.

Now,lets go see Ms.Beverly.

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