Wednesday, January 7, 2009

My Bedroom

Today,I am taking you
to my bedroom.Ah ha!!!
I remember last spring,
Vanna of Delusions of
Grandeur @
and Gloria of
had a virtual fight.They
were trying to burst threw my
virtual bedroom door to get in
to see what I was doing.I
thought they were going
to virtually kill each ither.
they both thought
I was posting my bed-
room on RMS.In fact at
that time,I was in my
mood of painting every-
thing white.I was going
to do mybedroom in
shabby chic.Disgustinly
feminine.Dh said,I've got
my eyes closed when I'm
in there,I don't care.
Men don't pay us nearly
as much attention as we
think they
Sometimes I'll be talking
to Dh,and I know he's
not listening so I'll say."Yep,
today,my boyfriend came
over and we burned the
house down and then and
then.Sometimes he catches
me.But many times
,if he says,anything,un huh...
Anyway,back to the post.
Vanna and Gloria,here you are.
But it's not dripping and
oozing shabby chic!!!!!!
Nope,that was,remember,
when I got so sick.But,I
did get all the furniture
Since I'm better,i just
put it all back,like it was.
No wallpaper,no paint.
What you see is all I get.
Anyway,this is where
I get my beauty rest.ha.
This is the furniture i
had as a child.Minus the
canopy,it just didn't
survive like me and the
other pieces.ha-------
I hope you enjoy your
long awaited room.As I
told you all it's no
castle,but it's HOME

Laurie this is where Dorothy lives.

Here's my trusty ole fan.

And here's Grandma and Granpa watching
over me as I sleep.



Amy said...

I love that lamp,, thanks for sharing the bedroom. have a good one

squawmama said...

Good Morning Ann... I have some internet this morning so I am going to reply to as many of my buddies as I can... Loved your bedroom it is so pretty & all your pictures are nice... Thanks so much for the award I loved it and will pass it along very soon... Here's to a great NEW YEAR for both of us... Cheers Love ya


Hope you & your honey are both doing well...

prof en retraite said...

Oh Ann! Your bedroom is so beautiful! I love all the white! And I love the funny story about your husband. My 8 year old grandson has already learned to make that man noise. Uhmp. It means whatever it needs to mean I guess. Funny! Have a great day!...Debbie

Kristen said...

Your bedroom is Dh is the same way :-)

Happy To Be said...

GM!! I just love your bedroom..and knew if I waited long enough I would't have to break the door down..I really love what you did with those drapes above your makes it so romantic looking girl!!and I seen your Icart you painted hanging know you can send that to me any time girl...wait until Winks get to see it..Thanks for sharing girl..hope you have a safe and blessed day...hugs and smiles Gloria

Buttercream Cottage said...

It is beautiful. I love the old picture frame. The room looks huge!

Glenda said...

What a wonderful sanctuary. A really good place to rest, recoup, and recharge your batteries. How comforting to have your ancestors watching over you.

Melissa Miller said...

~Beautiful and so serene.

Riet said...

Love your bedroom Ann. So nice to see it

prof en retraite said...

Hi Ann...There's a little something for you at my blog. You don't have to do one thing but come by and smile! Hugs....Debbie

mbkatc230 said...

How neat is it that you have your childhood furniture. This is lovely! I love all of the artwork and photos, that is my weak spot. I've got stacks of stuff and nowhere to hang it lol. Kathy

Tomarie said...

Anniepoo! I love what a "girly-girl" you are!! Love all the white and all your feminine accessories. Allll your paintings are awsome! And I love how your Grandma and Grandpa are watching over you! Love ya! L~

nikkicrumpet said...

GRRRRR my computer is spazzing today and so many of the pictures won't show up! Am I the only one having that trouble today? Any way...from what I can see it looks really pretty. Thanks for inviting us in...I'm going to have to come back so I can see all the stuff I missed!

Susan said...

Your room looks very welcoming and comfy! Thanks for sharing!

lvroftiques said...

Tarnation Anniepoo!! Today of all days that puter of my goes wanko!! And you finally post your room! GRRRRR!!! And that durn Gloria beat me to it!! It's beautiful girlfriend!! Ya know I had the exact same bedroom set when I was a girl! I think it's one of the reasons I got so addicted to french furniture! *winks* Your bed is seriously fabu!! And oh how I love that balloon shade over the bed!! Not to mention all your fabulous paintings!! No wonder I was tryin' to force my way in! Lol!! And now that I've seen it I'm coming by with a BIG purse! I promise I'll leave your ancestors alone....gotta draw the line somewhere...*winks*Lol!! Vanna

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

Ann, I love seeing Dorothy again! She looks so pretty in your bedroom. You did a fantastic job of painting the furniture. Looks a professional did it. Love your bedroom. laurie

Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) said...

Ann...your bedroom is so elegant and pretty! DH loves it...he is just afraid he will get ousted from the man club if he admits it! :-) Love the treatement you did over your bed! And I spied one of those cute little "head vases" on your bedside table. Don't know what they are called but I always have to drool over them when I'm out antiquing and see them. I used to accuse my DH of not listening and when he would insist he was, I'd ask him to repeat back the last thing I said. Of course, he couldn't...they just can't multi-task and listen like us girls!
:-) Susan

Pug1 said...

Nice bedroom!!!! Looks comfy! CHEERS! Michele

The Muse said...

ah the retreat of spirit...:) it seems most peaceful! very tranquil :)

xinex said...

Beautiful, sweet and romantic bedroom. Your dh should love and capture the romantic mood when he is in there, never mind the femininity of it. I love your painting, is that Dorothy? and I also like your balloon shades and your trio hurricane lamp?...Christine

The Muse said...

Hi Ann :) Well yes..LOL it sure enough did take a lot of blogging on that 100th post LOL LOL...I want to give you a big shout of thanks for commenting...just counted as one comment in the goal of 200...I sure want to donate that money..Thanks Ann for your support!

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