Friday, December 18, 2009


thank you

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Hello.Ihave a quick very important,to
me,announcement to make today.I am
finished with my chemo.My white cells were
low,so he stopped me 2 days early.But I got
5 regular doses.He says thats about normal.
I thought until at the last he was taking baby
'steps with me.But he wasn't, full doses.So thats
why we finished early.
And today at 1:30 i will be taking my last
radiation treament.yea.........
Next,my doctors want me to just rest for a month.
Then we'll take a p.e.t.scan and see what happens.
Of course it will all be gone.Jesus took it out quite
a while ago.
I hope everyone is getting ready for a warm and
wonderful Christmas.I have learned a huge lesson
from this or should i say "re-learned'.I was in a near -fatal
car accident about two months after moving to Dallas 25 yrs ago..
I had head injuries(yes,see you were knew
there was something wrong up there.)and a crushed ankle.
My health insurance had expired I think just days before that
so i had to pay cash for my Dr and hospital.The young girl that hit me
didn't even have insurance.So Christmas shrunk a little
that year.Iwas telling my kids I was sorry.My son said.
"mom this is the best Christmas of all'.'i said.why?he said.
"because you are here with us".
That brought a tear to my eye really quick.I have always
been so blessed.
Glenda is having a giveaway.Let's go see her @

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Good morning all.I have some wonderful

news on this bright and sunny day.We

have been looking for me a new pulmonary

dr. now for months.but I wanted someone

I knew and trusted to know them and trust

them.No more like I had before I went to Houston.

Well it took months,but we have him.He

could play Santa,sh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!He's a big

man with a bit of a tummy.And a beard.

Very blunt,so much he apologizes for it.I

would rather that than to be mealy -mouthed.

He had nothing but awesome things to say

about my drs in Houston and what an awesome

job they did.And this Dr.has started doing lung

volume reductions also.They have brought it back

here.So he knows exactly what is going on with my

lungs. But he also said,'i wouldn't have touched you."

"You were in just

too much of a mess".But thank God they did.

He said I can of course see,you were just doing

whatever you could just to live.

I had had a runny nose forever and been to

an ear nose and throat dr.(because of my vocal

chord being replaced).And--------------my tongue

burned.I thought here again,it was the chemo.

He gave me a script for the nose,first spray,

no more runny nose.and I had thrush mouth from

the inhalers I use.I am on the 4 th pill now and the

blisters in my mouth are nearly GONE...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He has made quite the impression on us.He also guessed

for me to have 5 to 7 yrs.Of course no one knows but God.This is

an estimated guess.But it felt good to think I may live this long.'

Who knows,in five to seven yrs.they may have another procedure.

I figured maybe a year after all I'd been through.5 to 7.I'll take


I also have a cute little story to tell you.Most people,especially

Ms Melissa of Melissa's' heart and home know I have a pet rooster.

This rooster lives in the house.

When he was little we were trying to train the dog.Roo paper

trained.The dog,still not.

He is fascinated with shoes.1.He hates them because I got him

In April

and in the house 1. am always barefoot.He knows when you put

on shoes you are going to leave him.Never the less he doesn't

like shoes.But he still likes to play with them to try to tear them up.

My hubby works for the city of Garland and wears big,ole steel

toed boots.Roo of course was playing with them one day.I would

give a hefty penny to have a picture of this.But alas by the time I

got the camera,the "show"was over.

He actually had BOTH feet in the correct shoes.Can you imagine?

These big ole Strong study boots and this scrawny little rooster trying

to lift them.I was just surprised he got the right feet in each.Of course

he couldn't lift them.

He weighs 13 lbs which is big.But not as heavy as those shoes/ha.

I have given up on trying to keep my blog going.I just don't have the time.

I have radiation everyday,chemo once a week.And during the week I have

other drs and dr chores to do.Right now we're trying to get my glasses

and my "free"cranial prosthesis"(wig).

It was suppose to be that simple on both.Get my eyes surgery then j"just run by any optical and pick -up my "free glasses'.Same with the wig.My dr gave me a prescription and I can just "run by any wig salon and pick one out.WRONG.................But after two days on the phone......and i am NOT exaggerating,my daughter found someone to take BOTH...........
But I will jump in every once in awhile like I am doing now and give my precious friends an update.And perhaps as update on Roo if you'd like.Meanwhile I will just visit you all and see what wonderful and creative things you have come up with.You ladies amaze me with all your talents.
love you all.....Anniepoo

Thursday, November 5, 2009


I must tell everyone what is happening .It is

so wonderful.Yesterday I cleaned out my

fridge.By this I mean taking everything out

and taking all the parts to the sink and washing

them .

Can you believe this?I didn't keep track,I wish

I had but about4 weeks after surgery I started

cleaning.ha,if you can call it that.Most of you know,

my daughter moved in and her and my husband

literally took care of me totally.There was so little I

could do for myself.If it had stayed that way much

longer,I would've gone to a nursing home.It was

almost too much.

But back to my story.I started by making up my bed,

Easy, Right?We have a simple comforter and sheets.I

would have to sit and rest and catch my breath literally

5-6 times.I never timed me,but it took a while.

Now lets update this sad

I have been taking of course chemo and radiation.The

first week I got flu-like symptoms from what the dr

thought was the chemo and it would happen every week.

Wrong,this week I feel GREAT,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.

I have become anemic from the chemo,Tuesday they gave

me a super-duper iron and vitamin shot.WOW.I felt so good

I wish I could have them everyday.

And along with cleaning my fridge,I am about 99 % in charge

of my house cleaning.My dh has to do the vacuuming.I

may never get to vacuum again,aw----------------.tee hee.

I have 3.5 weeks to go.It s tiring to go to Dallas everyday and

fight the traffic.But these people are so and kind,they all but make it

fun for you.

For instance on Halloween they had a spread for us.Cookies,

chips,dips,you name it.All of it was delicious.As my dr.passed by I

thanked him for the little party."he said.we'll do anything to get yall to eat."


And another blessing?I.of course i am on oxygen.My "lease "is 50 ft.long.

I can just barely stretch from one corner of my house to the other.I am

constantly getting tangled and stuck.So like every thankful just to be

able to breathe person would do.I YANK my cord.Sometimes pulling it

away from the machine
.End result,I am on ZERO oxygen.I am on 4,we are going to try to get me down

asap.sometimes I run out of air before i know it.Sometimes I realize it and am still breathing almost normal.

What happened to that lady that was suppose to be dead i.5 yrs ago?

What happened to that lady that woudln't make it through the surgery

and set records there?What happened to the same person the drs said

the copd and emphysema would get me before the cancer?

My baby girl used to tell her brother and sister with her little fists on

her hips,"you ain't the boss of me."Well I know who the boss of me is,and he

isn't quite ready for me,YET...............................Love you all.Anniepoo

Friday, October 30, 2009


Happy Pink Saturday to all.Of course we all

know our sweet and charming Ms Beverly is

our fine hostess of this event.Please stop by and

see what everyone has for us today.It will be

very interesting,especially this close to Halloween,

hummm?Here's the way to Ms Beverly.

I have only one picture to share today,but she is special.

I bought her recently at a garage won't

tell any of the drs.okay?

We have to go to treatment 5 days a week.Sooooooooooooo

on some of those days I feel really good,some days not too good.

But when I feel good we stop and shop and look.I have been

shopping and thrifting more recently than in the last 2 yrs.

No I don't ovedo it.We stop here or there for a few minutes

and I ride a scooter car.

But back to this lady,isn't she lovely.Doesn't she remind you of Vanna?

She does me.I have found several jewells,but this is the only pink

for today.I will try to keep up and join in one of the other days so I

can "legally" show you my other "toys".

Thank you all for your concern,now to go see everybody else.Lets'


Saturday, October 17, 2009

A very happy Pink Saturday

First a little note to my sweet Ms Beverly.

She not only let me slide by for months,

she also e-mail constantly checking on me.

And with her with a very sick mother.

Bless you Ms Beverly.

Hello everyone.

I am so tickled to be back.

More so,I am so happy to feel like being here.

I have tried to keep up with even a few of you.

But when you don't feel well,even reading is a


I don't know if I will be able to post every

one of the ones I used to post.But everyone

has been so patient and so loving I am going to

try to at least keep up with more of you all.

As we all know this is cancer aware time.

So today I celebrate the lucky ones and the

ones with more grit than John Wayne.

You know some smart person said ,"growing

old is not for sissies?Well,I am only entering

cancers gates and it's not for sissies either.I

toast my glass to you all.All you survivors.

I had no idea what it was all about.You all

deserve some kind of GRAND AWARD.My

hats off to each and everyone of


Now lets all go check out Ms Beverly's long

list of beautiful pinks.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Another Miracle

Well you all can guess by the title,
my Jesus helped me one more time.
First,thank you for all the love,the prayers,and all those
We went Mon to get the mri.I was a mess,I was
so nervous.As we were leaving the tech said it will take
2 days to get the results.Even with medication
I had a time sleeping.
My pastors wife told me yrs ago,"if you ever have
trouble sleeping,just pray."'the ole devil will have you asleep fast."
Yesterday morning as soon as the dr opened we were on the phone.
My daughter called,since I haven't been able to talk on my own behalf
she is used to it.Yes,the results were in.
You can imagine,i could not--------wait another
minute.I called the dr back and asked to talk to him,PLEASE..........
I promised i would still come,but please,i'have to know.
He said," you have a beautiful brain,your sinuses
are horrible but your brain is great.Oh
thank you,Jesus,thank you.
Now we start radiation.And he wasn't trying to say mine is nothing to worry about
but in the cancer realm,mine is easier to fix.Thank you again Jesus.So,lets,all get back to living,huh????????What cha say?yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Monday, October 12, 2009

An Add On

Well today is the day I have long
dreaded.At 2:45 today I get MY
MRI to see if the cancer has gone
to my brain.I really don't feel like
it has.Come on now,I'm too smart,
Then tomorrow the worse day of all,
the verdict.Both my girls,my son and
my hubby are going,I wish I could
just stay here.
What I really wish is,he would call me
with the results,Then we could make an appt.
and talk about the options.
There again.if you don't want to hear the worse,stop
reading now.The way it has been explained to me.
If there is cancer i will be a 4 carcinoma,inoperable.
Either way,it will be Gods will and i am truly
comfortable with that.God Bless you all for caring.
I dearly love you all.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Can we talk?

Ladies,I do hope you don't think this is gross
of me.But.....I have a zillion questions roaming
around in my mind.I have read some on the
internet.My Dr.gave me a book,but I want a
person to talk to.
I remember not to long ago going to visit a
friend in the hospital.The hospital was under
construction.A nurse was kindly showing me
how to find my friend.We passed a sign that said
oncology.I had no idea what it meant.I asked her.
Was I living in a fairy land or what?I still wish so
bad I didn't know what that word meant.
I know alot of you have had cancer.Would you
mind sharing with me?If you are uncomfortable
telling the world,here is my e-mail.
I will appreciate this so much.................ANN

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Hi all.Just a quick note to let
you all know I am out of the hospital
one more time,This time I can talk.
My voice is raspy,but the dr.says
in a wk or 2 it will be fine.
This is a pic of Bryson my grandson.
Isn't this just so real looking?
Bryson say,BOO!
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Thursday, September 17, 2009


HELLO all.I am finally starting to feel better.I
never dreamt this would be this rough,but i
am getting better.
Thank you all for all the sweet prayers,cards,notes
and love.Jesus once again has answered our prayers.
Thank you all for that.And thank you Jesus.
I was just talking to a friend and she didn't realize
they had put a plate in my chest.if you are quizzy,skip
this paragraph.I will tell you what they did.
He sawed my chest open,spread it and removed 25%
of one lung and 45%of the left.The left had the cancer .
He also removed several lymph nodes.about 5 is best
i can guess.Scrapped out parts of the emphysema.And
black parts of my lungs.Then clamped me shut with a
titainium clamp.
And of course closed me.
Part of the cancer was sitting on my aorta so they
will have to get it with radiation.We will start soon.
Also sometime in the operation my vocal chord was
clipped,so i cannot talk.
What a misery.ha.A woman that cannot talk.ugh---
I have an appointment with an ear,nose and throat
dr tomorrow to start to try to fix that.They could've
fixed it in the hospital,but i was just too tired.I wanted to
rest first.It will just take a couple of snips to fix it.
Next we go to an onocologist for radiology and possible chemo.
Oh I don't want chemo.I have been so nauseated with this.Oh
please-------------------------.But whatever happens.i'm sure
we will all deal with it.
Iknow I will have 6 wks of daily radiology .Then rest.
And soon they will do an mri to see if the cancer made
it to my brain.If it did,they will make a new plan.
I have been looking around a little in blogville.
It seems so many are sick.May God be with them
all and their families.And God bless you....Anniepoo

Monday, August 31, 2009

There's more.....

After I posted about my surgery my daughter sat down and talked to me.I knew something was missing.They say the dr .told me but I have forgotten.
Back 4 yrs ago when i took my cat scan to my ex-dr.i was at stage 4 cancer.which is tiny,they remove it,done,Now it is at stage 3 or 4.After another week of rest ,then i will get another cat scan.If the cancer has gone to the brian,i will be begging for more prayers.I know,I never shut-up.................if it is at stage 3 ,they will just watch it.

Here we go again.


oh my,i knew i was tired.i didn't even tell you what happened.They took the ugly old cancer out(most of it).scraped my lungs and cut out 25%of one and 45%of the other.So instead of getting the 20%each I was hoping for,I got 25%in onw ,cancer removed and 45%of the other.God in all his love gave me a brand new start.And I want it.
I also broke all kinds of records coming off the venitlator,out of the mmc and cci units.The 2nd dr in command,i beleve he was the cancer dr bet my daughter,deb,his complete salary i would not come out off the ventilator in one day.You guessed it,I did.I didn't realize any of this,God was driving my vehicle at this point.
Hello,As you have heard,I am home.And oh there is no place like home.Thank you all so very much for the love,the cards,the flowers,the cds.the fruit basketsand all those precious prayers.
As you have heard my family treated me like royalty.The dr's and staff were just like family.We had a nice time with them after surgery,they are totally the every family wants kinda medical team.If you have any family member needing help from anything,i totally recommend these people.And of course the BIGGY.
GOD.......came through again with an awesome double miracle.
As most of you know,i had copd.And probable cancer in the lungs.We had no clue my lungs werein this shape until going down there.Can God "allow"you to have cancer in order to give you life?I guess it's possible.......!!!!!!!
Either way,they would'nt have operated if they havden't found the cancer.My lungs were too far gone.But with the cancer I guess they had to.Yipeeeeeeee'When they got in ,they found cancer on both lungs and my ariorta.So now I will get Cemo and some other stuff.It's much better than my other choice.tee hee.
And we think during the ventilator use the scratched my vocal chords because i can only talk at a whisper.They could've gone back in to do more---------surgery,but i wanted to go home and rest first.So glad I did.I am really beat.i have been in the bed 3 days now and f ixing to go right back.ha
I have so much to tell you all.It was an eperience like no other.
I truly love you all....Anniepoo

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Ann is Home!

Hi everyone. I know we have all been worried about Ann. I just wanted to let everyone know that she is home from the hospital. I'm sure that Ann or her daughter will be updating us as soon as they are able. :-)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Quick Update

I just spoke with Ann and her daughter Debbie. Ann is homesick and ready to go home and recuperate from there!! They still have a couple more tests to run before they can let her go. It will all be up to the doctor of course, but there is a possibility that she will get to go home in a day or two. She said, "Tell everyone I love and miss them!" :-)
I will keep you posted~

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Weekend Update

Hi everyone. Ann is continuing her recuperation in Houston. She is able to sit up and is eating food on her own (although her daughter Pam says, "She eats like a bird, but always has." :-)). She is still in a lot of pain, but with such invasive surgery, that is certainly not surprising. The pain medication is helping but also making her nauseous, so I'm praying for some relief for her soon.
I spoke to her just briefly on the phone. She was barely audible, as she had just had a breathing treatment which makes her throat sore. (And she already has such a soft, sweet, Southern Belle voice! :-)) But I was able to tell her how much we all loved her and that SO many of you have been continually checking in and praying for her!

Debbie has gone home to check on Roo and all her other beloved birds. I know that'll make her feel better!

Both Debbie and Pam are just the sweetest, most loving daughters! It is of great comfort to know that Ann is surrounded by such a beautiful and caring family!!

Pam told me that they are HOPING that Ann will get to come home Thursday. I think I can speak for all of us when I say it will be so GREAT to see her back home! :-)

Love to all of you,

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Another Update on Ann

I just spoke with Debbie and Ann has shocked the medical staff in Houston! :-) She came out of ICU today around 2:00 PM. She was expected to be on a ventilator for several days and is now off of it. She had several breathing treatments today and is on oxygen...but is doing AMAZINGLY well! She is in some obvious pain, but the pain medication is of course easing it and helping her sleep. Ann is giving all the credit of her recovery to the Lord...her faith is beautiful, and I know her family is so thankful and relieved right now!
I told her to let Ann know how many of you are thinking and praying for her! I do believe all our love and prayers are speeding up her recovery!! :-)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Update on Ann

Hello everyone. I'm Laura (aka Tomarie) and was asked by Ann and her daughter Debbie to let all of her friends know about her surgery until Debbie can get back home. Ann has made it through surgery! The doctor was able to remove 20% of her lungs, and got most of the cancer. She will need to have chemo/radiation for the cancer they were not able to get when she gets back home. As I get more updates on her condition from Debbie, I will post immediately. The surgery was long, and she has a long road of recovery ahead of her, but for now, I'm just so thankful she has made it through surgery!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Thanks for everything!

I want to thank everyone of you for writing back to me and for being there for my mom, she is very fond of you all and in much need of your prayers at this time. I am so proud of her bravery at this time. But this is one scary time for us all. I know God is with us I feel him everyday in many ways and I know she will be fine! Again thank you for eveything! God Bless you all! I will keep you posted soon!

Friday, August 14, 2009


heading to Houston Monday morning,testing blog- Debbie -Ann's daughter.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

It's about time.

Hello all.Well the time is drawing closer.

I want to thank so many for the love and

e-mails and prayers.This is the hardest thing

I have ever gone through.

The hardest thing about it is watching my children.

They are so afraid.It hurts so much as their mom to

have to watch them.

But God is with us and I have high hopes.I went through

a bit of depression,but once again Jesus pulled me through.

As you all remember,I sat and watched Gods hands move,

as if on t.v.Watching him find a way to lead me to this fine

dr.and hospital.To my knowledge and the internet,their are

only 3 hospitals in the U.S.,possibly the world that do this

operation.And God led me right straight to one of them.

Had I just sat here waiting like I was the "unknown cancer"

would've just eaten me alive.

The strange thing about it?I am "too far"gone for this

operation.Normally,they would not operate,but since the

cancer is there,they MUST go in and get it. Is it possible for

cancer to be a life-saver?We will see.I

believe this time--------------it is.....

Monday afternoon we will go to Houston.I just have to

check in late Monday before 7:00 p.m.for a blood test.

Then report back at 6:30 Tuesday for the surgery.I don't

know yet what time it will begin.All prayers are welcome and


I will be in the hospital 7-10 days,a guesstament from my dr.

I will be in I.C.U.for about 3 days,then to my room as soon as

I come of the ventilator.I am so very thankful to have another


May God bless you and keep you all .And thank you for all

the beautiful friendships you all have given me.I love you all...Ann

Thursday, July 16, 2009


Hello all.As usual,we just returned from Houston.
They did the cath on me.Which meant they
ran a camera up my hip artery to my heart
and made sure there was no blockage.Ladies
I want you to know I have the arteries of a 20
yr.old .ha.I was sent home a copy.They
are beautiful.
Both my sweet girls took me again.If you are
keeping up with my story you'll remember I told
you last time about my baby girl getting up
in the middle of the night.Filling my tanks.
Once I ran out of air,she popped up like a little soldier
and changed it quickly and efficiently while
I am pretty sure she was sound asleep.ha.
This time the baby girl was worn out.She has had
the lovely job of taking care of mom.My first born,Pam
took over.I don't know if she got any sleep at all.
We took my entire machine this time instead of
9 heavy tanks for them to lug around.Pam was
up all night changing tanks.One was empty when we started,we didn't
know that.There is no way to mark them.Next time we will find a way.ha.
I ran out about 1.5 hrs before we got to Houston.But....
as long as I am still,like in bed,I can go without it.Well you
can imagine.Both girls just thought I was trying to keep them from worrying.
They were petrified.I felt so sorry for them.All you moms know,there is nothing harder than your child hurting and you cannot help.And it is so much worse when you are the one causing the pain.
This time we got a different hotel.Upgraded what turned out $3.00.
What a difference.The porter carried it ,all my girls didn't have to.I
am a lot of work.
None of us slept.I have a bladder infection.No,I can't have enough problems.
Pam was watching the air.Deb,slept,but restlessly.I think we were all
anxious and afraid of oversleeping and all kinds of other things we could worry
about needlessly.
Wed morning we returned to the hospital and again we were so
impressed with this hospital.So clean,so nice,everyone goes out of their way to make you comfortable.We spent the entire day.I kept waiting to meet the big cahoona.(Dr.Lobee).
After the cath,I had to stay on my back for 4 hrs.As soon as that was over we were
released.The nurse called and released us.She called immediately back and said to please stay.
My dr was on his way.
He was a long cool drink of water.Very professional,very tall.He was light hearted
and had a lovely bedside manner.
I still had my dark wraparound glasses on at this point.from the cataract surgery from Monday,the day before this surgery.
No one all day asked me why.I thought it strange,but i guess they thought i was stranger.
Dr Lobee asked,"why do you have those glasses on".I said,"I had cataract surgery yesterday,and the light still hurts my eyes."He said with the lightest heart,"Boy,you're stacking those surgeries together aren't you"?I said yep,tomorrow,I'm having a boom job".We all had one big laugh.
Then he got serious and told me he was going to take 20% of each lung.A little more for the one with the cancer beside it.Yes,the mass was cancer.And he is going to take some extra tissue and some lymph nodes too.
This is my Hospital.The real picture of it.My girls have walked I think every part of it.Or at least they felt like they did.It is Houston Methodist Hospital.
After Dr.Lobee left we precede to check out,When i went into the surgery for the cath it was
10:30.The girls left to check us out of the hotel.When they got back the valet
parking was full.So------------they had to park in the north forty.When Pam left to go get the car for us,she left the keys lying on the table.deb didn't know to follow her,which way did she go.?The nurse said you can page her.We did.She must have been in the elevator,she never heard it.We went ahead and went down to the front door afraid of course we would miss her coming back up.
We didn't time it,but we looked and waited and looked and waited.......................Deb almost went and got the it ,but Pam was probably on her way.The only scenario we hadn't thought of.Pam thought she had lost the keys.She,in heels,had re-traced every step they had made that day while I was in surgery.The gift shop,the restaurant,the restrooms.Everywhere.she finally came back to us,She fell in Debbies arms.We thought she was laughing.She was crying.Because she thought she had lost the keys during the day.
Dr Lobee wanted to do the surgery Wed,,yesterday.But we didn't to come home and re-group.That is what we originally wanted.But we have ben down there 4 or 5 times,of course,this time we weren't pre-pared.So the date is set now for.Check in Mon Aug 17th and the surgery Aug 18th.
I will be in the hospital 7 to 10 days.and in icu quite a few of that.But he said with
the cancer,I won't be as well off if I hadn't have had it.But....I will most likely be off the oxygen and be able to have a much better quality of life.No more staying at home 24/7.Even though I am a home body,I do love to shop and go visiting and to the G.sales.You all know.
thank you all for being such great and devoted friends.I love you all and I have felt your prayers.I love you.Ann

Friday, July 10, 2009


Well I finally got some news.I am having
eye surgery for cateracts on my right eye
Monday at 11:30.Leaving for Houston at 3:00
to get my catheter.It will be done at 7:30
Tuesday morning.They are checking
to see if there is any blockage before they
can do surgery.I will only be in the
hospital for 4 hrs.Then if I feel like it,we
will drive back to Dallas.If not,we'll
spend the night.Then we will again wait for
surgery.Thank you all so much for all the
tlc and prayers you have been sending.

Friday, July 3, 2009


Hi everyone.Just a quick update.
My co-ordinator called,Tuesday.
She said she would be
getting back
to me at the end of this week.I believe
that means today.ha
We are definitely on go.My surgeon will be
Dr Lobee.I do hope he is as wonderful
as his staff.I'm sure he is.He picked them.
some of you know I have had cateracts
also for quite a while.I am having
my right eye,the worse one
lasered this next Mon.The left will
be done after I am well.Its been a long
boring story on my cateracts also.I won't
bore you with the details.
I am only guessing.But i am thinking
they will probably want me down there
at the end of next week.I know,we
are all so tired of waiting.
I felt I needed to tell all my friends
I am okay.I am just so tired.My stamina
has gone kapot.haI read my
e-mails and try to catch yp.I read maybe one or
two of your blogs sometimes.I rest and sleep
alot now.My sweet daughter is here.And my family
and friends are standing by me.
As you can imagine.I so want it
to be over.
when I ever get there.ha,if anyone
wants to call and inquire about first name
is Martha, of course, Ann Skelton.Thank you all again.
I miss you all so much.
My hubby and daughter are holding
my place right.They, as we speak are out garage
saling.ha.At my DEMAND.As if I had to demand
very hard.After-all,someone has to do it.Right?
My co-ordinator also said if there are no
complications,i should be released in 4 or 5 days.
wow.I had a partial hystrerectomy 35 yrs ago.
i was in the hospital 9 days.How things have changed,huh?
As soon as i hear anything else,I will yell it from the house tops.
I love you all. kiss kiss....Ann

Saturday, June 20, 2009


Hello to everyone.We of course are back.
All went so very well.This hospital is awesome.
They go out of their way to make you feel safe ,
secure and informed.I had many more tests
encluding the 6 min walk.With Gods help
and the assistant I made it with NO
oxygen----------------.At 3 minutes
I was done in.The assistant told me
a different way to breath and counted down
out loud for me.He was a fabulous
cheerleader.Otherwise,i could've NEVER
have made it.
We were all ao tired.Both my girls
took me this time.They lugged me,the wheel chair,
the tank I was using and 8 other tanks around.
Every eat,drink,or potty break.They
took wonderful care of me and
kept me laughing so hard I was sore.
We had a great time out of an otherwise
scary situation.
I have to go back one more time.This timeI will be
put to sleep.They will put a camera in my hip artery
to see if there is any blockage.After 4 hrs.I can
leave for the night,we think.
The drs.will meet Monday and see all the test
results.If I don"t have an infection and
there is no blockage they will operate the day
after the 4 hr test.
Here is the hard question!Do I pray it's an infection .
It will make it longer to get the surgery!Or do I pray
for cancer so we can get it over?I think I'll just leave that
one alone.ha.Leave it all in Gods hands.
Now I want to share with you all some priceless moments.
There were 2 beds in the motel of course.My oldest daughter slept
in one bed.My baby daughter in the other with me.My
oxygen tank held 5 hrs.Of course I ran out before morning.
When I ran out,I said,Deb.She got up,just like a little robot,
traveled around the bed to my side.
Have you seen soldiers on tv put their guns together
with exact oersision with self assured hands?Thats what
her little hands looked like to me.She finished
changing the tank.Trotted right back to her side of the bed
and slid in like it was an everyday event.
And everytime I would move or grunt one
or the other would softly say,"are you ok?'I felt
so loved and so thankful for my precious girls.
I can see God working like our loves almost
as if I were watching on t.v.I can look back and
see exactly his steps leading me to this dr and to
this hospital.I feel so very safe and loved.Thank
you all for being such a part of this amazing feeling.I love each
and everyone of you...Ann

Friday, June 12, 2009


Hello everyone.We are back.Houston
WILL operate on me.It was a long and
nerve wracking day for all of us.
The tension was so thick you
could cut it with a knife.We
didn't even leave the hospital
after arriving at 12:00 until 5:00.
But he said yes.Their are two of(doctors)
them.I felt instantly comfortable
and safe.They also found a
growth by my lung.Dr Harish
said it is either infection which
of course antibiotics will fix or
cancer.But if it is cancer it is
in it's earliest stages and he
can take it out while he's in
He made us all feel so secure.
He also told me a lot about it
I never knew.Why my lungs
feel so heavy.I have always
called them an elephant on my
chest.Their are air bags waiting
them down.On top of them.
We are going back next Thurs.
and Friday next week for more tests
to see what this growth is.I
am so sorry to be so late in
telling you all.We all were
worn out.Mostly from the
stress and anticipation.I
slept 90 % of the way home as did
my hubby.Our daughter drove.
And I have slept most of the day.ha
My hubby just got home and went
to bed,i just got up,ha.
Our oldest daughter,Pam will
take me and baby daughter
next week so Dad can work
and get a breather.
Dr.Harish wants this out this
month.I am plenty ready.After the
tests results,I will let you all know
when it will be.I totally
recommend Methodist
hospital so far.They were excellent.
Thank you all so very much for
all your love,thoughts,e-mails and prayers.
It feels so wonderful to have
such a force behind me.God bless
each and every one of you....Ann

Monday, June 8, 2009


I thought i would also go ahead and catch
everybody up on what is happening.i'm
really getting nervous,but it is a "good"
nervous,a confident nervous.
We will be leaving here early Thurs morning
about 5:30.It only a 4 hr dr.,but my dh likes
to have plenty of time.
His cousins live there and my great niece,the
one(Jess)I blogged about will be there also.We
are only going for tests.And will come back home
the same day because James needs to get back
to work asap.
I will not have the surgery until they read the
tests results.But they ARE going to say YES.I
Know they are.I don't know how long it will take
them to read them.But i will let you all know asap.
Most of you know my baby daughter is here taking
care of me.and she has been a life saver.She has taken
such a strain off of James.
Up until she got here James had to do everything.
Now she does the house,the shopping,helps me,and
even mowed the yard yesterday.I told James,after
they went to the races Saturday night,she is the son
he never had.ha
But as I told Ms Melissa.There is a small problem.
Roo has fallen head over hills in love with her.He stands
by the door and waits until she comes out.Follows her
every step.Swoons over her.It is so cute,but kind of sad.
Bless his heart,I guess he really does think he is a short,
featured human.
And for my precious friends that are coming to see me.
I have no clue when the surgery will be.But as soon as i
find out I will let you all know.One of my friends,i have never
met is driving an hr and a half one way to see me
.Now isn't that so special?
That's all I can think of.If you have any questions please
e-mail me
Thank you ALL for your love and prayers...Anniepoo

Saturday, May 30, 2009


Good morning and happy Pink Saturday.

Thank you all so very much for all the

e-mails,comments and prayers.Sorry

for the short and sweet e-mail to let you

all know we ARE going to Houston.But'

my puter was being ugly again and

wouldn't let me put but 2,3, or 4 on each e-mail.

I had to write it so many times I thought

my hand was going to fall off.God has blessed me

with so many wonderful friends.He really made-up for

having no family.

James and I had gone to some antique shops before

I got so sick this last time.I had saved the pics just in case

we got to go to St Louis or Houston I would have a

back -up post.

You guessed it,I can't find it.So,again here are some of my

inspirational pics.

This lamp I found on ebay.It is the closest

I have found to mine.Don't you think,ladies?

Another chair i didn't win on Craigslist. As lovely as this is,it just wouldn't

work in my house.

And here we are.Time for these

lovely creatures again.

You can almost smell them. Today as always is hosted by Ms Beverly.

She goes through a lot of trouble loading us

up every Saturday,and for this I thank her.

So lets run over ans see her here.

Thursday, May 28, 2009



Tuesday, May 26, 2009



I want to thank of you for all the prayers

and love sent my way.I really did take off

just to rest for awhile and get rejuvenated.
Then we had a family crisis and like most illness'

stress brings it on.

But now Baby,I'm ready for anything,almost.

My sweet daughter is here to help us out now.

And we have all have a fabulous week.DH took off

for 8 days to take care of me and of course the holidays .

Don't worry about lost pay he has several months of

vacation saved up,for times such as this.
For today,I want to fuss.One of my ,sh---------------,

several addictions is craigslist.I look at it when I am able

to get to the puter,ha,4 or 5 times a day.Checking new stuff.

I check the free stuff and the furniture section.Some

of the adds you wonder are these people crazy?And true

enough sometimes it is people just playing with your brain.

There is no such address or a phony phone number or


But look just look what I found below?And the price on

both------free.Yes,you would be amazed at the stuff on there.

And yes there is no drawer.But we have some nice pieces of wood

in my dh's workshop and he has one of those tools that shapes wood.

Glue it over it,stain it.Ta-da------------------And it was very close by.

The armorie is about 45 miles away,but all on the highway so it would

seem faster.Would my dh go get them for me?and this is what I want

to fuss about..........NO------------------------,WHY??????????

Well,of course the table he could carry by himself.But no one to

help carry it.Our one neighbor that woud've helped him now

has cancer.The other one that said he would help on another project

conveniently never is home.Our sil lives out of town and we live way out

in the country.

Plus the fact that really for over a year now,but for the last 2 weeks

he has taken total care of me.He does all the grocery shopping,all the

pharmacy.Takes care of all our animals,including cleaning the

bird room.That is love.

All the vacuuming,cooking,mopping,sweeping,everything.

For I think it's been 2 wks,i have been in a haze.All i have done is sleep

and go to the dr.There's no since running up more hospital bills.They can't

do much more that I can.I have all the machines right here I need.

So why couldn't he go get them for me????????????????????????

This is my way of bragging on my sweet husband.Yes,he usually is a slob.

And yes,he drives me nuts sometimes.But this,to him was my worse

illness yet.He said,this one really scared him.He was an angel.The only

thing i can "really"fuss about is,he would wake me up to try to feed me.......

Not bad huh?

And..........................also,I have the most awesome friends and family.

All of you stood by me and called and sent e-mails ans left comments.

And for this I am so very thankful.It's so amazing how you can love

someone so much that you have never seen.But we all love our God

and even though we feel and hear him,we have never seen him.So it is


So...I will still be watching for more goodies we can go get.ha.

And I am now back all snuggled back with my sweet friends.YALL.......................

Friday, May 22, 2009


Hello everybody.

I know,I have been away a long time.

But just about the time i was all inspired

and rested,I got really bad sick.

For those of you that know St.Louis turned

me down.The young lady that was in charge

of calling me didn't know much than I knew.

Am I too bad,are my spots in the wrong place?

All she knew was that they would do my lung

transplant but not the lung reduction.

So I called Houston the next morning.They

would take me or try to.We went and got another

ct scan and got it off to them.And my Dr.sent all

my records again.

So we're back to waiting again.But I don't think it's

going to be as long with them.

Meanwhile I now have a power chair like the one's

"the old people"ha,drive on t.v.!It has a horn and

everything..My son -in-law said he was going to put

pink pin stripes on it.Then I can put it on Pink Saturday.

My baby daughter got here last night to be here as long

as I need her.Now ladies,don't go getting all mushy on me.

I REALLY am not that bad yet.I don't intend to be.I just

can't do the super-woman stuff us woman usually do every

day and call it normal.

God is with me every step of this journey.He never leaves

me.But he's just not ready for me yet.

i am coming back now.I guess probably next Satuurday will

be my first day back.Or who knows I might just sneak in on you.

I love you all very much......
For those that haven't known me very long,click here for more

Tuesday, May 5, 2009



Hi,everybody.Nothing is wrong.
I am just tired so I'm just going
to take a blogging break.I'll be
poking around seeing you all.
i'm just not going to post for awhile.
i love you all very much.kiss kiss.

Friday, May 1, 2009



Hi there!And how are you on
this wonderful PINK Saturday?
I bet Ms Beverly and her gang
have a lot of lovely PINKS to see
today.She always does.We'll go
see her in just a minute.First I
have some cuties to show you.

Isn't his just a pure doll?I told
you I have some cuties.Now
would I lie to you?

I know some nieces and
a g-daughter that would
LOVE-----------thisI would love to have these.

Do you think they like bubble

This would go with nothing

in my house.But aren't they

just the cutest?

Do you know what this is?

I bet all you dishaholics do.

I didn't,or at least I didn't

remember I did. It's a

spoon-holder.I saw it on

Ebay.They're quite pricey,

but I'm guessing pretty rare.

I don't remember seeing one

as an adult.

But after I found out WHAT
it was,the memories started
coming back.My aunt used to
have one sitting on her buffet
with ,of course,spoons in it.
Makes me wonder,why did people
use more spoons than forks?At
our house we use more forks,do you?
Either way,i think it's lovely.I'm
going to ask Santa for one to sit on
my buffet.(after he brings my buffet).

More of Gods beauty

and a humans

talent with a camera.

I wonder what could they be

discussing.Have you ever


This I saved the best for last.This

reminds me so much of my friend Riet.

Doesn't it to you who know her?

Wouldn't you love to have them AND

that chenille bedspread they're on?
Now lets go see

Ms beverly @

Thursday, April 30, 2009


I want to introduce you to someone
that someone should write a book
about.See those eyes?That's
just a regular camera.Isn't
she lovely?Yes,I know,I say
that about all my kin folk.
This is my great niece.And I
mean great in many ways.Her
name is Jessica or Jess.
As with Levi,I will not divulge
their past.It is not my place.
But they were both babies
and nothing was their fault.
They lived in different states
with different circumstances.
But what they have both done
with their lives.After what
they both lived through .If
for no other reason exist,
you know there is a God
by looking at them.

After Jess grew up,and she
had an awesome Dad by the way.
She fell in love as we usu sally
do.He was a great guy and he loved her
as much as she loved him.
BAM,cancer.In a few short months
he too was gone.
See what I mean?This little
lady just gets knocked down ,and gets
knocked down.And comes right back.
She says"bring on the rain,cause I'm thirsty anyway.

Well,does it surprise anyone this
is where she landed"Not me.
Her caption on this pic is."Aren't
I adorable?"Yes Jess,you sure are
And more Army.She is proud of
herself and proud to serve her country.This is where her and her brand new husband
live.In San Francisco by the beach.Yes,God closed
one door and opened another.And he is a dandy too.

To see Ms Deborah and all the
other wonderful family fotos
Go here@

Tuesday, April 28, 2009



Again.And Ms Dixie is still the Ram-Rod,

'I mean hostess.And a fine one at that.

You can locate her and alot of other

Wordless People here


Our word today is PLATES.........................